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Nasus, because he is a monster late-game!  Those stacks.

My favorite champion would have to be Lee Sin because he was my first champion and I played him from level 1-30  🙂 Many memories, good and bad but he'll be my favorite champion no matter what.

My favorite champion changes all the time, but right now, its Jinx! She is amazing because the incredible attack speed on her Q makes her a BEAST at taking down turrets, and her ultimate makes sniping kills so much fun!

Amumu, He is a lonely just like me 😞 , but his ult is amazing for holding people down.  I also love his sad knight skin.

Well i like jax my first champ ever palyed and first brought champ he helped me  get to 30 and now hes gonna help me get out of bronze!! 😄  😎 😎 😎 😎

My favourite champion is vayne because she had the most potential to duel ANYONE late game and can single handedly carry a game.

My favorite champion right now is probably Yasuo.
I love his skill shots and how is very high price/high risk.
He is very fun late game!

TRYNDAMERE! Cause he denies death like your parents deny you were an accident!

My favorite champion in League of Legend is Yasuo. I like it in every way, but not always so. At the beginning when I bought it immediately went for 7800ip, played a few matches and then I said with a weak and can not use the ulta if you do not have someone to help. A few days later after changing his Q I played it again and saw the pretty good to me going to this I had a pretty good zabawe after a few games I knew that this will be my favorite champion. His skills and mechanics is similar to Zeda which also love to play. It draws on the joy of playing the champion and I would like for the code to RP buy yourself a skin to it because I like it. I do not know whether the League of Legend will have a champion that will appeal to me as much as Yasuo The Unforgiven.

My favorite champion in League of Legends is Twitch. This is because I can Q behind the whole enemy team and just burst down all the squishies before they even take a shot. ADC assassins are so nice..

I just started playing League of Legends about 6 months ago, and my first (and still favorite) champion to play is Corki.

Being a new player, I started with the ADC role so I could practice farming minions.  Corki was one of the free champions for the first week I played, so I got him with my initial IP.  I love his abilities.  His entire kit fits my play style.  The Q Phosphorus bomb is a nice little poke, has splash for quick farming, and can check bushes.  Valkyrie on W is the perfect escape/closing move, which can jump most of the walls in the game.  The E Gatling Gun is great for allins and doing a ton of damage.  However, the best move on Corki is his ultimate: Missile Barrage.  I love poking and having sustained damage, and Corki's R couldn't be better.  It's great if you're behind, because you can farm the minions that are too far away to grab safely.  It's also good for harass; I can prevent recalls under tower.

Corki is my favorite champion because he helped me learn the game.  I've been a Starcraft 2 player since the Beta, and it was my game of choice. 4-5 hours a night for three years, got involved with a podcast called "Starcast: the Starcraft Podcast", and becamse a high-Masters Zerg player.  However, as the game finally became stale to me, I needed a replacement game.  I was skeptical about League of Legends, but Corki grabbed my heart with his amazing mustache and enthusiastic personality (no homo  :P).  I now play LoL daily about 5 or so hours, and I'm having an absolute blast.

I would love to win this RP, because I am still new to the game, and it would help boost my runepages/champions/etc.  Also, this is an awesome forum!  I've been looking for a new community.

**Hi! My favourite champion is Olaf because he fits my personality.  If played well, he s unstoppable , top lane, even for it s counters.  It can be built as a carry with a lots of damage and attack speed, or tank. Either ways , this champ can be unstoppable. His E can execute the enemy carries.

Man. i can dive the enemy team with this champion, and kill their adc ,then run back, heal a bit,  steal a kill with E  and then chase the remaing enemies.**

Honestly, i believe olaf can stand against any champion top, and if not pushing them and destroying the towers, at last standing and killing the jungle and the top under turret.

Yasuo because he is the most broken man

My favorite champ is Elise because her kit is unique! I have a penchant for champs with kit change ultimates (including Nidalee and Jayce) and I love the range and flexibility of utility Elise's kit brings. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, and best of luck to the success of this website.

I chose Thresh because he is the ultimate CC powerhouse, and he brings so much utility to the team.

My favorite champion is Maokai. I have played league since end of season 2. In season 2, Maokai was a great jungler that many pro players use in LCS. So i bought Maokai and play as it in ranked. Although I play Maokai badly, it is so powerful early ganks! I loove this champp. Treeman ^^

mi favorito lux buen supp y que ulti tiene me encanta ❤

mi favorito lux buen supp y que ulti tiene ❤