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MALZAHAR Because he is way underrated, under-used and underestimated. and i really want his overlord skin… first thing i'd buy with the RP

zed because shadow juking gives you so many options to fake people out, juke them and etc, plus his damage is op

My favorite champion is Morgana because her fully upgraded Q gives a really annoying 3 second root


My favorite League champ is Leona!!!!!

Leona is my favorite because she is very agressive with her cc kit and bonus armor/MR, she will lockdown the enemy champs and basically spoonfeeding my team kills for an easy GG!!!

She also is an amazing protector, you can slow and interrupt the enemy so the rest of your team can make it to safety when needed.

My favorite champion is Rengar, cause he can take initial damage in a team fight and get away with his ultimate.

My favorite champion is jungle master yi.

the first melee champ i could actually play, and do this day i still cant play xin, or tryndamere for whatever reason. not only that, with master yi, ive only ever been counter jungled, and shut down one time, by an elise jungle. also, his jungle clear isnt too bad, nor is it to the problem that lolking makes it out to be. i start showing jungle presence at level 2, and normally get my first successful gank either at that time, or by level 3. on top of that, hes easy to snowball with, and get fed 9-0 by 13 minutes.

his only problem is his lack of a decent CC or tankiness, but hes supposed to be an assassin anyway considering his kit is designed for it, and the fact that most teams i get in ranked dont understand how to poke properly to set him up. his major drawback is that a team has to kind of be focused around him, for him to really shine. (around 1k elo or so anyway)

My favorite champion is Ezreal . His Mystic Shot is very good , it can be practically kill everything when placed to use it . I'll be sure wspomnąć of Arcane Shift which is a great mechanism for recourse when your opponent pushes you . His Essence Flux can use both to attack and to help the team . But it is best Trueshot Barrage which can be used to finish off an opponent , or to the task enormous damage in a teamfight . I may seem to be a little friendly too close to the tarickiem , but when you play it you'll know right away with one of the best champions in League of Legends .
His mobility is huge, if you master it fully , you can create the most beautiful combinations and events .
I can not forget his passiv , Rising Spell Force.
It is very useful in every phase of the game , especially if you want a little farm .
Unfortunately, in the early game is difficult to maintain liabilities in 5 stacks .
I am sure that not only my favorite champion is Ezreal
The Prodigal Explorer

I would have to go with Teemo played anywhere but support he is such a versatile role and can fill out your team while having a strong shut down with his Q.

My favorite champion is Riven the Exile. Her skill set is one of my favorite. Let me start from the beginning, her passive Runic Blade is very good and late game has a very good conversion rates. Her Q Broken Wings is very good for both itself and with the rest of her skills. You can annoy your opponent on the line without any problems if you use together with the rest of the Q skill, I mean here in W Ki Burst and E Valor  , W allows you to stun enemies for a while , just to inflict damage , and its E allows you to block part or all injuries and allows escape a certain distance . I prefer a combo using all stacks of passive. I will return to her pasywki again, Runic Blade, any use of skills gives us one stack of liabilities , which deals additional damage on your next attack. Now I will tell some of its R Blade of the Exile , this is one of my favorite ultimate in the game. Increases us ranges attacks, skills, and allows us to use Wind Slash once that deals damage depending on how much our enemy missing hp. This is my favorite character , not because of her skills that I also very lovely in August , but due to its rune sword . I think that not only am I such a sentence , I would recommend to anyone playing this game and get to know this personally champion , Riven the Exile

My favorite champ is Elise becos of her personalty

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