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My favorite champ would have to be Lulu by far. i played her the week she was free and now i wish i had the RP to buy her. i'm hoping that i can get some lol gift cards on my birthday feb 20th, but if not thats fine i can live with out her. She's just so adorable and funny like oh mah gosh. i hope i win, she would be the first thing i buy, then her dragon triner skin, then i would use the rest to gift my friends that want something really badly.

My favourite champion is Heimerdinger. Look at him. He's really beast. You don't have to be good player and you can beat probably everyone. This little scientist can make some noise. UPGRADE!

My favorite champion is Udyr because I just love side-stepping and dodging skills while dissrespecting in their face! lol

My Favourite Champ Is Viiiiiiiiii BBY ❤

My fave champ is…............... little TEEMO!

^ d'oh, my fave champ, too, is Teemo.

But what is your favorite skin?  Mine is Panda Teemo.

My favorite champion would have to be Lulu because if you build her right she can 1v1 any other champion, but she can also be a more passive, supporting type if the team requires it.

Kha'Zix because of the danger coming from his mobility and isolation damage. Really like to assassinate enemy carries and get those resets going. Extremely fun to play!

Akali, Because she is my main and it is just impossible to get away from Akali hahahahahaha

I would say Vi is my favorite champion to play because of the early game potential to really wreck the other team. The only issue with her is that she falls off REALLY hard in the late game.
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Good luck everyone!

Ezreal, because I go HAM with his ult from across the map

mi personaje favorito es sin duda TEEMO es un muy buen campeon, pero tambien me gusta arto Ziggs o trynda

I play blitzcrank for the pulls and easy first blood

hmmm theres so many that i like but fav champ would have to be Miss Fortune, as to why, cuz she's a redhead has 2 guns and hearts follow her when she runs 😄

my favourite champ is lee sin - mega mobility , op and a beast yo ! 2-nd favourite voli ^_^  ;D

Teemo because I am a worshiper of satan.

Yeah .. pretty much i dont have favorite champ .. But i like pretty much all the champs .. One of them is VEIGAR ;3

Allo wanna win :), desperaely need skin on vi. I am best vi eune playin her since she came out, along with XJ9 for those who remember ;).. and still doent have skin :(, c ya nerds 😄

My Favourite Champs are Draven&Vi.
Draven 'cuz he is op adc , carries hard with those axes and I would love to have the Gladiator skin.
Vi 'cuz she is a good jungler with really effective ganks and I would love to have the Officer skin. 😄

My favorite champ is JAX. Who else in the whole of of league of legends can jump at minions, jump at enemies and also jump at your own allies? Whats better than jumping at your own friendly teemo?? He is so versatile can be built into anything. Hes a hybrid champion  so ur whole enemy will waste cash at armor and magic resist just to keep u at bay. With your e and ulti u can jump into temafights and kill them all even at low hp…  Inst that just simply beautiful??? 😉
Oh yeah and he fits into my playstyle. 😎

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