Nothing but the finest for our olympians in Russia…

OMG… that is not good 🙂 Looks like the preparations for the Sochi olympic was rushed so badly, that there is no logic in this and nothing seems to be finished. When they actually paving the streets, it is obvious that someone fucked up the schedule badly.

As for the internet, then the cabless mess is somewhat typical for Russia:
(warning, this is NOT how things looks in Czech republic. Despite we are also slavs and we tend to messy "solutions", I never in my life seen anything even remotely close to these images, so viewer discretion is advised)

The "toilet with audience" is somewhat hillarious. I can do only one thing - I can assure you, that this is not normal around there, lol. Dunno what someone is drinking, but it must be pretty strong stuff to come up with these things.

Stefan Molyneux is taking a look at the Winter Olympic from economic point of view:

The Truth About The Olympics – 27:53
— Stefan Molyneux

…and he must be right about all the bribery, because some of these results are just... insane.