Why make a basic pizza when you can kick ass like my wife did tonight with these Pizzas.


sooo damn good and who cares if they are not round 😛

You know what makes a surprisingly good pizza crust? Matzoh. Did it when I was back at UWO during Passover, instead of the regular dough crust I went for Matzoh and man did it taste better then what everyone else had.

Wow, good cooking! Makes one hungry, lol 🙂

You wife cook pretty well, send our compliments to her, Soul  😉

Looks good! Wifey uses pita bread as a dough and it comes out pretty good. Gonna show her these pics.

That looks tasty!

We tried making a cauliflower type dough instead of pizza dough..
It was surprisingly tasty but you don't realize how filling cauliflower is until you load it up with tomato sauce, cheese and a ton of toppings. Cut would be portions in half.

Something for anyone to try!  😎