A quick thank you to an amazing group of people(Video embedded on my site:P)

Hi Guys hope everyone is doing well today,

I needed to take five minutes to say thank you to a few people, but since threads have no emotion I made a quick video.

Thank you so much HWC team
Thank you to the Hardware Canucks team – 01:31
— soullessone21

Glad to hear it arrived at a good time (In spite of being much later than expected…  🙂 ).

ST was the prime mover, but it was pretty much a no-brainer as you've gone out of your way to help an awful lot of HWC'ers including many of the staff (myself as well...  😉 ).

Happy early birthday, or belated Christmas....  🙂

Glad to hear, that there are still people who deliver and really help! 😉 HWC is a good place and I'm honored to be a member there for quite some time.

However they should keep up a bit with their overclocking, heh. With my really ancient HW, only sometimes trying a thing or two and w/o any support - yet I still managed to 4th place in their HW Cannucks OC team: