Project "Death Star: Episode 1"

Hello again Everyone, its Time for another build.

This one is going to be a little bit different, then my past builds. As you can tell from the title, there will be a few different revision of it.

so with out further a due : DeaDPooL Creations  presents: 


The first part of the build will be for a Local lan event later this month. I wanted to take something different to this lan and I am giving my self a really short time frame to get some items done. Like a month… So this should be a nice roller coaster...

The name comes from me wanting to use the Black and Red theme also it just seemed to fit.


NZXT H440 Case Black and Red
ASUS Maximums VI Formula Motherboard
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler
Silent Wing 2 fans
Be Quiet Powerzone 750 watt PSU
Items to be named later

((((Fab work))))

Make custom grills for the case
Possibility of illuminated mid plate
Red and Black cables set to a custom length.
Other small items.

To get started out.

I am waiting on the case to show up from my order.  Since I do have access to the H440 for testing and fitment of items, I made this template for the Grill design.

How would this design look cut into the panels on the case.

2nd Update

Some Product pics.

She is going  to get some Rework done

I have something planned for the plate on this one.

I got the cables made ahead of time with extra length on them. I want them set to the right length without worrying about excess taking up space.

Lutro0s Teleios Sleeve -  Thanks Mike and J…  Love the stuff.

3rd Update:

OMG… what is the box...

Lots of protection…


these fans looks awesome.

The awe and mighty Power source.. I am going to love modding this a bit.

Hmmmm, looks pretty interesting. The custom grill is kinda pretty. The detail level of the build down to the sleeving of the cables is impressive. And I wonder, what you are planing to do with the poor GTX 760 cardie 🙂
It actually already looks pretty good as it is, Asus did design it well.
The mainboard is really a "maximums" one, lol. I think that Asus overdid themselves on this one 🙂 I seen it even with the watercooled CPU VRM mosfets, witch is kinda extreme solution (but cool!) for really hardcore overclocking. Even w/o the extra cooling it probably can overclock pretty well - we see that, right?
As the fans go - yep, they looks nice. Let's hope these surface features work well. To be quiet, yet still move the air well… but you completely missed the piece I'm interesed most - and that is the Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU cooler, that look very seriously:

I wonder, how well it will cool. With 2x fans even at slow (read - quiet) speed it could be pretty good, but we see... They boasting about 250W TDP? Time for the 5GHz AMD monster to try, lol. (okay, maybe later)

The Power Zone 750W PSU looks good as it is. Dunno what changes you are planing... I could only think of removing the fan grill for better airflow, but that it is. I would like to be surprised then  😉

((((Update 4))))

Anyone one see anything wrong in the picture?

I know what's wrong doesn't have any NZXT stuff to review but at least I own the NZXT sword 🙂

Is it something to do with the creepy pop in the background that looks like it has a picture of yoda on it haha

All I can think of is that, that case is naked needs some hardware inside.

I think that the fan's grill from the plexi is in wrong position, as it is supposed to be on the case top/sides and not inside?

I hardly can see any reason that this could be placed where it is, but I could be wrong, of course 🙂


I think that the fan's grill from the plexi is in wrong position, as it is supposed to be on the case top/sides and not inside?

I hardly can see any reason that this could be placed where it is, but I could be wrong, of course 🙂

Good point that's possible but maybe his rads going in there and he wants to make it look clearer then exposed fans and wires ?

Well, true. But to hide "naughty bits" people usually not choose transparent fan grills 🙂 That just does not make sense to me, besides the location of the rad there would be pretty surprising.

Of course anything could happen, but on the second post it was stated, that these grills will be cut into the sides of the case, so when I see the grill inside, then I think that this is wrong - or just a deviation from the original plan?

Dunno. Also it is a good point that there is no hardware inside and also I see that there is no place to add a 5 1/4' device (eg. DVDrom) or any place for 3.5' HDD - the intake looks understricted for whole 3 fans.

Another thing to consider is, that the rig is not going to be watercooled at all. And it is the nice Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU cooler in the box that somewhat lead me to believe that watercooling is not going to be applied there and it is probably not need, unless someone want 5GHz clocks, lol.

OTOH, the tower coolers did not aim the airflow on the heatsinks of the CPU VRM, so a little cooling here and there could get handy. I actually thinking about adding a "windtunnel" behind the output of such tower cooler (just simple anged piece of PVC pretty much suffice) in other to force the air to go on the heatsinks to lower the working temperature.

But it is true, that ehen I first saw the Asus Maximus board with watercooling applied, then I liked the idea on the very first sight. That is mainly because I tried to do something like that back in 2004, when bad caps overheat the mosfets first on my Epox 8RDA+ to the point that the added heatsinks change color (!):
…and later on my DFI LP B mobo till the caps exploded, killing it. So it is something I wished to do long time ago, therefore I like the board, even that I'm not quite sure if covering the caps with the metal plate did not increase their temps...

The acrylic was a nice test, to see how it looked and what I wanted to do.

I have made a second version of it and its final, but its not done in clear. That you will have to wait and see.

This stage of the build will not get water cooling but that is in the plans for the second leg of this journey.

Ohh Soul that wanna be picture of yoda is a can of Arizona Ice tea with Jack Nicklaus photo on it.

((((Update 5))))

Photo and some build log pics.

((((Update 6))))

Sorry guys, I have been a little bit busy with work and Family.

Starting the 24 pin work

Part way done

All the way done, with 5 2 way splits on the PSU side. It has a 20+8 pin split

The CPU for mass destruction

Can't wait to see more Eric. Get moving on this buddy 😛

Wow that is some nice custom work. I wish i had the time (and money) to do all those awesome mods. Great work!!

I like the double-color scheme for the inside. Red and black. Looks awesome. Even the mainboard AND GFX card match it. The paints proposed on the case sides surely excite the StarWars fans a lot 🙂

Then the red outlines and the NZXT logo… very nice 🙂 There is actually a "bad ass" StarWars character, that comes with the red and black colors:
...maybe a next build theme? Just making a suggestion, when come to red and black 😉

ERIC where's our updates!!!

He is probably bussy 🙂 But quality builds cannot be rushed…  😉