GTX 780ti Black Edition?

Looks like nVidia is trying to overflow the marked with the GTX 780 cards. It is a bit of rumor, but there it is:

"I know how stupid it sounds, but it looks like it’s true. I can assure you  this is not a photoshop.
Apparently not much has changed. Upcoming NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK looks exactly the same as the original TITAN, only the logo is black, just like 780 Ti’s.
I can’t confirm the specs yet, but it’s almost certain we are looking at full GK110 powered card. 2880 CUDA cores, 6GB of RAM and full DP performance. TITAN BLACK will be released on February 18th for around $999 (yet to be confirmed)."

So, basically a Titan with black insignia, full number of CUDA cores
780 - 2304
Titan - 2688
780ti - 2880
…and full double precision speed. If this is true, then that would mean that nVidia crippled the double precision by software and on purpose  😮 It is actually pretty interesting to see that not even the expensive Titan got enabled all the cores - we just have to thank AMD for 290X cards that got all these cores to be even enabled.
Now with the precision thing it might be, that nVidia is targeting coin minners rather that gamers, as I highly doubt that the double precisoon is used in games...

But we shall see what happens. 18.2.2014 is not that far to the future 🙂

The thing with the Titan is …it was never designed with gamers in mind.  Its meant as a 'cross over' card for professionals who need DP and raw horsepower for work...and then can use the same card for gaming in the evening.  Thats why it may be expensive for a PC gaming enthusiast...but cheap(ish) compared to NV's worksation models.  Good to see them refresh their crossover line and give it the royal Ti treatment.

Also, DP is a bitch on the card (more heat,power,etc) BUT its not needed for games so it makes designs a LOT easier to not have  to deal with it when/where its not needed.

If only I had one of these!  ::)

I will not have even where to put that monster, not to mention not having PSU, that can handle this thing. Never the less, it is impressive piece of hardware. However if someone work need the DP calculations, then ATI is way faster in this and their professional cards with unlocked 1/2 speed of DP calculations are breathtakingly fast.

But this is not used into any games at all, so except cryptocurrency miners are the DP speed irrelevant for most. GaK_45 - for what will be the DP usefull anyway? (except mining, hehe … and in the mining the ASIC chips take lead: (last image ATM) )

DP is very important in certain professional circles - think areas where GPGPU is the defacto std way of doing something.

Basically IF you absolutely need accuracy AND speed when say modeling fluids, or planetary rotation, or certain engineering projects (eg how a car crumples on impact in a simulated crash)…DP is the only way to go....unless you got access to a full on super computer.  THEN a crap ton of DP enabled gpu's get it ass handed to it.  But who has the budget for even renting time on a Super Computer?!  😉

Ah, thanks for letting me know, for what (except cryptocurrency mining) is Dual Precision used for. I was in slight doubt, because it is marketed almost as "anyone need supercomputer for home", but I still do not find anything that I could even think I need to use it for.

BTW, I sometimes thing, that it maybe cheaper and more precise to do the real testings with real car to see, how badly it get banged up in a crash… but for preliminary assesments it might do the job well.


Still I think that the market is pretty limited for these DP speed cards, but I could be wrong. Either way, nVidia lost the battle with DP to the ATI in a big way. Altrought the R9 290X could be par to par with the GTX 780 or being a bit slower to the 780ti cards, then these nVidia cards are no match for it in the DP speeds of AMD cards and these DP speeds are actually crippled to half, so AMD sell their professional cards - with same chip, just unrestricted DP speed settings.

Good thing that I did not need this at all  ;D Hell, that would by pricey!

OMG I wish people would stop buying cards for mining. Now nVidia is trying to get people to buy their cards for that, too?
It just seems that this is a 780ti for mining.

Nope, that was the old way. nVidia cards was never cost-effective for mining, ever. AMD R9 Radeons… well, that is another story. Even they are crippled intentionaly to 1/2 of their DP speeds, they absolutely ROCK in terms of DP processing speeds.
But todays are the dedicated ASIC miners a way to go: "64 ASICs on-board that offers 24GH/s performance which is equivalent to more than 30 ATI 7970 graphic cards."

And now Soulessone21 is selling ASIC board that can do 180GH/s:
"Ultimate S1 Antminer $750 Shipped 180 GH/s Power consumption is 160-380W on the wall $750 OBO" try to imagine, how much GFX cards you need for this performance level. I tell you. Quite a few!  ;D
Okay, I do the math. 180 is 7.5 more that 24GH/s, so 30 Radeons HD 7970 x 7.5 = 225 Radeons HD 7970 are need to get the 180GH/s performance of this miner. But it is far cheaper, use much less energy and space and you not need many and many mainboards to connect the 225 HD 7970 cards to  ;D ;D ;D

So, the time when GFX card mining are way to go is over. Now sure people who already bought them will use them, but it is just because they already have them, so they have to use them to get their investment back. ASIC mining means profit, not nVidia Titan Z mining. That would be - in the cost/effectivity point - a disaster.

(and you might be wise to ask, why Soul is selling and get shocked to realize, that there is new more modern and significantly more powerfull ASIC miners - altrough they are more expensive - already available)

Of course the target of this graphic card isn't gamers. if someone wants to buy this Titan-z for working, I may agree. But for gaming, I don't think so.

about mining, Nvidia please remember your slogan "The Way It's Meant to Be Played", please don't follow AMD and let gamers suffer !

I like the card but not the price  ;D

I have to admit that while I like the idea of having such powerfull card, then the power and cooling requirments make me think, that I could settle for the GTX 750ti, for example. The PNY version do not even need additional power from PSU, it gets powered solely from PCIE slot.
So, low power requirments, low TDP and usable speed - what more one can ask for? The Titan Black would require new PSU and what for? Probably just to being able to play most games at top graphic settings, while with GTX 750ti one can get same performance, just with a noth down graphic settings, that many times not even visibly degrade the game.

Surely the card have their uses, but it is more that "just" the whooping card price, what one need to buy. Powerfull PSU is a must. And very likely a watercooling for quiet operation as well… So all that for what?

Oh, yes. Being a king of the hill  😎 Priceless. Sadly, I did not have spare money 🙂