Why Engagement Rings are a Scam

Yep, however this is not that good humor, because it is 1) true 2) it show, how easy is to manipulate people around the world.

And I find that sad and dangerous.

(it also open the question of choosing partner based on his social status (eg. money) )

Before the scam, the diamonds are rarely weard and in fact, wearing them are considered snobby and lame showing off… So what to change this? Simple! Give plenty of these free to the Hollywood celebrities and sooner or later the public will catch on and wanna be like them. And it worked more that well.
(same BS as people are pressured to believe that they could get get better when investing their money into gold/silver/platinum... first they mostly go for the gold certificates (eg. worthess paper gold when the bank get closed) and second - these gold things are not means of production of - for example - food. Or anything the other people really need...)

Another good example was how to get the womens to smoke. It was also considered rude before, and therefore womens did not smoke (at least not publicaly). That was good for them, but bad for the profits, so they hired a guy, who can come up with few tricks and pulled another propaganda miracle: womens are burning torches of freedom to protest against the male oppression!
Laughable as this sounds (mainly because male come up with this idea and hired models to do it), it worked.

He even brag about it openly years ago, how good manipulation this was:

Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1 – 37:24
— StormCloudsGathering

(at first I was like "kill that damn propagandist!", but then I realize that the problem is people, incapable to recognize that they are being manipulated, not that some people that will sieze the oportunity and do manipulate...)