Idea for home server, not sure about software so I can host it online too

Complete newb to this, but pointed in the right direction I can get er dun with the right help.  Please chime in with whatever info you can.

Ah sorry, this isn't going to help, but there was a perfect little service called "Orb" that allowed you to stream your movies/music/files from your computer to any internet enabled device, but when i went to get the URL for you, I noticed that it says its sold out to a larger corporation and is no longer a viable solution to your question.

Sorry about that.

Well, I would go for Linux net oriented distro BSD ( ) and that leat you run really good homeserver for almost everything.
If this is too tech for you, then Windows have their server versions. I used to run as testing machine for WWW/PHP/MySQL home server on Windows 2000 server and it was nice and relatively easy to use. Just install it, then install the Apache and that make the PHP working, setup the MySQL database service and off you go.

It all depends on what you want from your homeserver. Hosting own website? Or hosting pictures, music… or even plan for streaming movies? Check out the webm format:

800k of size go long way, huh? 🙂

Just for file shares? Use any OS and just set up some network shares. Plex for media streaming. You can access Plex from any browser, also works on Chromecast and on Android/iOS

edit- Forgot about accessing files online. Either use cloud based service(Amazon, Google, Dropbox, Box, etc) or just setup an FTP service on your server.