New RHR unboxings on YouTube

I find that there is missing info on the subject, that John recently posted there videos of unboxing the Asus Vivo little PC:

Asus Vivo PC Unboxing – 04:12
— Real Hardware Reviews

As for the specs of the tiny box, it should run Windows 8 or others (I probably downgrade there to Win7 or XP for faster operation) on the Celeron 1007U Dual-Core  with 2G ram. But it is upgradable to 16GB (wow) and have a WiFi 802.11ac and even integrated speakers for sound, witch is great. No more boxes need. Sure the quality of sound won't be anything Earthshaking, but for bussines is will do it. Very nice piece of HW!

PNY GTX 750 card:

PNY GTX 750 Unboxing – 03:16
— Real Hardware Reviews

PNY GTX 750ti card:

PNY GTX 750ti unboxing – 05:08
— Real Hardware Reviews

Both cards are very small, nicely looking. Both lack the SLI connection, but that is the only downside there. The price is great, the size is nicely and tiny and that it is. Definitively worth checking out, as there are promises for upcomming reviews as well 🙂 Way to go, John!

(nice to see your wall of dead mainboard get some public attention, lol - nice!)

Thanks Trodas these should be on the front page shortly 🙂

Noproblemo. You got your dead mainboards background publicaly viewed for the first time, lol. Congratulations.

And like I mentioned on the YouTube, besides the lack of SLI connectors, these cards looks awesome. Lifetime warranty, probably low noise and let's hope for good graphic power - neat thing in a VERY small package. I wonder, if the end of the fan cover could be cut-off to fit in some very space limited builds… but I probably get the answer in the review.
After all, custom cooling should not void the warranty, right?

And we gotta look for the number (%) of the SLI users. In Europe, this is around few %, so maybe that is not worth for PNY to consider? On the basic GTX 750 I would take it w/o any complain. Mid to low range card not need SLI support. But in the GTX 750ti version, that is probably notably faster (the ram speeds sounds awesome to me and faster GPU clocks also add to the speed at medium/high detail settings), there should be the SLI included.

Oh, well. We cannot have everything (good price, small cardie, power and SLI support), can we? 🙂