Bitfenix Ronan Build UPDATED!

Well with the cube waiting on so many parts I don't want to be without a gaming system anymore so with the help of Bitfenix and PNY I am going to get ultra Budget gaming rig up and going.

CASE: Bitfenix Ronan
Motherboard: P55A-GD55 (USB 3.0 Sata 6GB/s)
Intel: i5 750 LGA1156
Ram:16GB PNY 2133 Quad KIT(will move this to the ultra cube later and swap for my Corsair 2400 16gb kit)
Corsair AX850 watt PSU
Corsair and PNY 240GB SSD's

Cooling is all going to be fully custom Triple Rad Design and front mounted Reservoir/Pump Combo.

OS Windows 8.1 Pro, Full Adobe Suite installed and used for gaming and Editing while the Mega builds come together.

LCD's are triple Vertical Dell 22" 1080P Matte Screens
TT Sport Meka Keyboard and Coolermaster Sentinel mouse.

Should be done today and make for a great basic system while other projects get done and get me off this laptop:)

It is hard to imagine, that a 16G NTB did not satisfy you needs  ;D Oh, well, it probably did not have the CPU power and HDD space, right? And no triple monitor support also?

Front mounter res/pump combo will look interesting to see 🙂 But since this thing got a 16G ram, two SSD and GTX 770 (with 4G, whoa - could this even be used? Mine GFX card got 0.25G and it still manage), I won't exactly call it "ultra budget gaming rig" 😄 But that is maybe different point of view given by the HW I have to go with  😉

Anyway, good luck pulling the components together and installing Win 8.1 on it 🙂

Okay this rig got changed up way way more then Expected….

This is now my super awesome mega cool 4770K Rig full watercooled and SLIed rig. it will be featured in an up coming video

been busy working but this weekend I am back to this build at long LONG last 🙂

….. So my watercooler did not fit at all in here so instead of grabbing the grinder and bitchslapping this fine case I just setup the stock cooling while I wait for my shipment....

PS. Everything pretty much has changed. So without being a douche and making you wait any longer... IT BEGINS!!!!!!!!!

SPONSORS, they change as fast as other sites randomly crash on huge release dates;)
SPONSOR for the win #1 PNY: They sponsored the following. 1 GTX 770 4GB OC, 1 16GB DDR3 2133 ram kit, 1 240GB SSD of sexiness
SPONSOR for the win #2Bitfeniix: They sponsored the following. 1 CASE and a cool case at that the Ronin, other then some minor issue this case is awesome
SPONSOR for the win #3 Corsiar: They sponsored the following. SP and AF fans as well as a few PSU's maybe not this 1200 watt one as its just a temp but they did sponsor the 850 watt one I will be using

Special Thanks to the following awesome people
Deep Breath

Another Special Thanks to GaK_45 for a awesome Motherboard
Again one more Thanks to Bitcoin Brains team for letting me borrow this awesome PSU.. its AWESOME!

So now that the thank you's are done lets look at some of the build gear

The body

A closer look

BRITISH MOMENT!!!! OMG she took her Bonnet off 😮

Stay tuned, the next few posts get even more provocative 😉

Interesting. I like the clean look of the Bitfenix Ronin case. Nothing fake, just solid nicely looking case. I like the design. And the specs are looking kinda pretty well, so… I hope 16G ram satisfy your needs, Soul 🙂
Other specs are quite neat as well, so... this should end up well.

I must admit that I did not expected to see a case, that have intermal cover. Especially not a case with transparent side. But that is there probably to hide all the cable mess that sometimes are found in cases 🙂 But maybe you will not need that help, right?

So Last time on Soullessone21 shows you pictures of a case on a misleading build, We showed off the case and not to much of it really.
This time I show you the…. case some more 😛

First with all the goodies intact. Tons of HDD room and removable awesomeness
Then onto the front

Thats boring lets spice things up people

Super easy to remove drive bays make for a much cleaner look
Now onto the next part..
The front fans

Thats better (notice how Bitfenix includes some awesome filters but forgets to include 4 of the same sized screws as extras for a second fan… meh

Look at all that Rad room batman lets pump it up 😉

Thats better
Now we add the HDD and PSU both look sexy

Tomorrow lets get to the goodies.
For now enjoy some pix 🙂

Well thats all for now so hope your enjoying

Well, gotta supply own screws then 🙂 Yet the case looks great and it seems that the fans looks nicely too. The mainboard have even own active VRM CPU mosfets cooling  😮 Oh, my… That looks so bad ass  ;D

And that also call for some overclocking of the Haswell i7 CPU...!

Strictly 90° anged SATA ports - cool 🙂 Pretty spacey between PCIE slots = SLI/CrossFire ready + plenty of rams = that better to be pretty good computer 🙂