Build Log on OC.Net

I was going to post my full build log here as well,  as I am searching for input.  The build is waiting on a reservoir top, a radiator and Bay adapter to move the Hdd into the 5.25 Bay, or mount it somewhere else for spacing.

It is currently located at

If you want to Glace over there and then give advice here,  that would make me happy as well.  I have it on OCN.Net as well as EVGA forums,  and getting very little input as to how it could be better.

Was looking over your build and first I would like to start with WELCOME TO OUR FORUM!!!

Now onto the build,

Looks very nice those are some odd EK fittings but when I was looking at your build and how tight the spacing is I would recommend modding your case a bit for 2 more fittings like these

I like to set them up and the high and low points of my builds and bolt them into the case. One at the very top, the other and the lowest point coming out of the case.

This helps to make a clean fill and drain for your build and a lot less of a mess.

The above fitting makes this far easier and will give you more options in your build.

Just my 2 cents.

All and all looks like a great build really love all the rads as I am all about overkill as well.

Keep the build coming and we will keep helping in every way we can.