South Park

Anyone else got this?

Kind of hard to talk about it since it just so much thrives of its jokes.

I love it!

Got it last night going to do a play through this weekend hope its a good laugh if nothing else

Ahhh! I missed a Chinpokemon. It was right before a boss battle and on my third try I was too lazy to get it and thought I'll just grab it on my way out - let's just say things exploded and I wasn't able to go back the same way I came 😞

Heh, it looks like interesting old-school classic 2D adventure (old good Monkey Island times):

South Park Game Review - INVESTIGAMER! – 09:01
— NotProductive

This actually looks like that it can work on my computer tooΒ  πŸ˜‰

Slowly playing through this game, some very odd boss battles but all and all an entertaining game, really do not like the glitches found here and there but if I run the game in win 7 compatibility and skip a scene here and there it works without a hiccup

Picked it up but have only played like 30 mins so far. Pretty funny so far tho.

Started playing this last night and man is it good fun, definitely feels like you're playing as a character in the tv show.