MSI R290X Lighting is obviously a card, aimed for overclockers, that pushed the evenlope or the R290X architecture a lot, when just the voltage regulation get massive boost from 6 phases default to 12…  😮

It makes one wonder, how much the overclocking will be better  😉 Sure not 2x, as the limitations of the core comes into play, but all in all it should be considerable.

Just the 8 + 8 + 6 pins to power the card is something that is rarely seen  😮 All in all, it looks pretty nicely and I wonder, how far the 1080MHz GPU will go. (for example Sapphire R9 270X TOXIC get overlocked to 1300MHz GPU and 6300MHz for rams - )

There are the rams at very conservative 5000MHz, witch is IMHO quite low, despite the 512bit wide bus...

But the card is looking VERY nicely: