Please make it stop snowing

If you guys could get this worked out I'd appreciate it.

We filed an injunction with mother nature but that bitch just flipped us off and said " I don't care what you say, I do what I want"

We may have to move this up the chain of command

My driveway was almost all clear of the ice that I couldn't get rid of since the ice storm…now I have snow on it again...

Guys, I did not mean to start some contraversy there, but I want to say few things.

I did not believe in man-made global warming, but I do believe in climatic extremes, as the Sun is ready for magnetic flip and the solar maximum is as weak on flares, as minimum are, so some people even fear Maunder Minimum (no spots on Sun = mini ice age) could happen.
Regardless, magnetic flips happen in history repeatedly (when Sun flip, so will the Earth) and life on Earth will survive this. However the climatic extremes are results of this and they happen.

In the middle of Europe, we do have this year a VERY warm winter. VERY warm. Few years back (or ever last year) it was -20°C and lots of snow. This winter the temperature hardly ever go under zero celsius (!) and just once or twice we saw a bit of snow, but it melted in hours, so… No winder at all. SUXX.

On the other parts of world (namely Northern America) it looks like this winter is really tough one.

So I want to complain that this year is was next to none winter there (Czech republic), while Canada / USA folks seems to complain on the other extreme.

So, dear Mother nature, if you could spare the Canada / USA guys of some snow and bring it there, we would be more that happy! 😉 I feed the birds - still have plenty of sunflower grain as they did not eat much this year, as there was basicaly no winter - so not to worry, pour some of the snow on us. We are ready!

(On the weekend I saw that they promise as high, as +17°C...  Spring is there!)

Damn its HOT! its so hot in Calgary right now, snows melting everywhere I walk around in a T-shirtExaggeration

But it is nice here, the winter coats are going away and Spring is finally here

You know because you said that, mother nature is going to dump a large load of snow on you next week right?


You know because you said that, mother nature is going to dump a large load of snow on you next week right?

Mother nature is a dirty girl…. na I think we will be fine here, she prefers the Mountain people over the East Coasters

…people even started caring about their lawns out there (first one today), so todays winter sure are "globaly heated one" for us...  ::)

(fotos from past year, this year they are not that hungry)