Add2Psu adapters

I bought a bunch of those Add2Psu adapters after having issues with getting a psu to power multiple cards. They work like a charm, so I bought a bunch more.

I used them to run titan 780 ti and now about to try 780 ti KPEs in such an arrangement.

Here's a link to my Kijiji ad with a pic of 2 psus hooked up to 4 780 tis.      A score to show the results


Nice to see more and more of the 'beaver crowd' are finding us.  Welcome to the forums!

That does seem like quite the safe and fairly cheap product to not have one power supply not properly turn on and take out off your system by overloading the other one.

I've used them on tri and quad 3 different times with 3 different cards, the titans ti's and the new KPE ti's.

I had 1 plug that wasn't quite snapped in I guess the 1 time and the pc told me to power down and connect the necessary plugs.

Other than that user error not even a blink of trouble.