GeForce GTX Titan Z - prepare your 3k $ for it :)

nVidia coming up to the dual GPU GFX card world with two GK110 chips, 12G ram (6 for each) and full number of stream processors (2x 2880), full number of ROP units (2x 48) and with full ram bandwitch (2x 384bit).

What nVidia did not say is the clocks of the GPUs. Some rumors are tat they will run on just arount 700MHz (presumably base clock), but that are rumors. That would make the clocks almost 200 - 300MHz lower that what is used in the GTX Titan Black cards, witch would be kinda disapointment.

The card is looking awfully similar to the dual GTX 690 monster:

What is ulso not yet undisclosed, is the TDP of the card. It seems to have to be around whooping 3xx watts, so I have doubts how cooler with only one fan on the card can be quiet, when dissipiating so much heat… So all in all, if you have spare 2 999 $ and want something monstrous, then... get ready!  ;D

It would be wise to ready your watercooling or a really good aircooling to get all the heat out of your case, because it is not going to end well, if you don't.

I'd rather wait a year and wait for a lesser priced version.