AMD Radeon R9 295 X2 - release 4.8.2014

The dual Hawaii Radeon R9 295 X2 with two >1GHz Hawaii GPU, 2× 512bit memory bus and watercooled GPU's (aircooler rams and VRMs) are hours from release. AMD even make a short video about it, to tease us:

AMD's Top Secret Mission – 01:40

Even hardcore nVidia fans have to admit, that this is first card that at reference model come with watercooling (or, more precisely, hybrid cooling), first AMD card featuring dual 512bit GPUs and also graphic card that bear most of the silicone - 876mm2.

Allegedly, the price should be about $1499, witch is half of the nVidia GTX Titan Z. Still a pretty pricey card, but we see who will be faster there. I would also LOVE to know, if the chips on the card has also crippled the DPFP_RATE, set to 1/4 for all the R9 290X cards. Because that seems to be the reason, why FirePro W9100 cards have amazing DP speeds with identical chips.
Pre-production testing versions of the Hawaii chips did not have these locks, according to people that tested them.

Kinda pricey, but definitively something remarkable:

AMD was not joking in the video about the suitcase packaging at all:

That is how AMD Radeon R9 295 X2 is looking partly diassembled:

And what I quickly see as important is, that the watercooling is reasonably quiet, the temperature target is not set anymore to the ridiculous 95°C as in the R9 models, but at 75°C:

Different is also the maximal clock (w/o overclocking) - that is set to 1018MHz (was 1000MHz on R9 290X) and there is also good bet that real clocks in the load achieved will be higher, because of the better cooling.

Downside is, that the card require PSU, capable of delivering 50A on the 12V rail…!

And the speed is, according to german ComputerBase quick tests, 75% faster that GTX 780Ti and 7% faster that dual GTX 780Ti in SLI...! That is remarkable. However if the temperature checks are deactivated on the GTX 780Ti, then the dual SLI configuration is 3% faster.

But that situation is true only when low antialiasing is used. When 8xAA is used, then Radeon 295 X2 blows even dual GTX 780Ti in SLI away by whooping 17 to 33%, depending on test.

Card should be on sale since 4.21.2014  😉

Heh, nice sale video 🙂 TechPowerUp checked the working temperatures of the aircooled VRM regulators on the AMD R9 295 X2 monster:
AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Thermal Camera & Noise Test – 07:59
— TechPowerUp

Under load, they stabilized at 103°C, witch is pretty good result for dual graphic cards, even I think it is kinda high. (very close to maximal working temperatures of most caps - 105°C - under witch condition the caps are guaranted to last only 2 000h, so let's hope the caps is far away from that temperature)

Higher temperatures are reached, tough:
Radeon 295 X2 - 103°C
GeForce GTX 590 - 110 to 115°C
Radeon HD 5970 - 115 to 120°C
GeForce GTX 690  - 110-115°C
Radeon HD 5990 - 90-100°C
Radeon HD 7990 - 90-100°C

But, this baby is quite pricey  😮


But, this baby is quite pricey  😮

It may be pricing but damn is she a beast and a lot quieter/more powerful then two air hawaii XTs in crossfire.



But, this baby is quite pricey  😮

It may be pricing but damn is she a beast and a lot quieter/more powerful then two air hawaii XTs in crossfire.

QFT'ed.  In my humble opinion the only way to run this gen of AMD gpus is under water.  They are simply too hot for air…and that custom dual head AIO looks very sweet.  Too bad its a single bay and not a dual 120mm bay unit.  After all if you can spend 3K for a probably have a case big enough to handle dual bay rads.  😉

My only real concern is...why did the not include a waterblock for the VRMs?!  Why stick a heatsink and fan on top of the whole works...that just...'odd'.

why did the not include a waterblock for the VRMs?!

TDP. The single rad is not enought already. Target temp 75°C is quite high for the watercooling, IMHO. So probably first mod there could be replacing the rad with dual or even triple one. That should bring the temps under control.

As for power requirments, Czech site measured 634W power draw to the R9 295 X2 mainboard/CPU+SSD combo!

And their i7 2600K overclocked at 4.7GHz is clear bottleneck (!!!) to the GPU…

So for low resolutions (2560x1440) is R9 295 X2 "useless", becuase it is bottlenecked by even the most powerfull CPU's out there. I mean… who got a 4 cores i7 CPU running at 4.7GHz? I don't...

Cooling of R9 295 X2 just got better - the German Aqua Computer company released a R9 295 X2 full size waterblock:

They call it Kryographics Vesuvius and want €170 for it, when the cooper base plate are nickeled, then get ready €185 for it. They will be ready in two weeks. And after another two weeks, we can get black ones (instead of the transparent plexi - nice tougch for AMD, using the red colored water 🙂 ) for presumably same price.
As for temperatures - no one really know, so let's wait for the results of testing.

One thing is for sure - it is the most heavy waterblock I know of. Weight of this "bejby" is 2.72kg (4.4 pounds). Do not drop it on your leg, it will hurt.