Real Hardware Reviews Tour of Bitcoin Brains

_Bitcoin Brains is the fastest and easiest way for Canadians to buy sell or trade bitcoins in person.

Our knowledge of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies is second to none.
We also offer an extensive selection of bitcoin and litecoin mining hardware._

Recently the Real Hardware Reviews Team went and did a tour of the Bitcoin Brains store, we were very impressed with their professionalism and the sense of fun and enjoyment they brought to Crypto- Currencies.

WOW… ASIC mining! When I read about it recently: "64 ASICs on-board (...) equivalent to more than 30 ATI 7970 cards" ...then I never expected to see them in action so soon. That is amazing.

350W also seems reasonable.

ASICs are good at one thing only, solving mathematical hash functions. In this case, their strong hashing power and low power usage, making it very efficient to use.

And their prototype of Bitcoin ATM looks promising. Should be out soon, as we need to take money back to our hands from the banksters.