Getting ready for some underwater adventure ;

I'm sitting here trying to get all my gear in order for a shoot i have coming up tomorrow or  the next day.

I was admiring the engineering that was done on some of the gear, and thought I'd post up some pics to you guys.  I figured some of you might be able to appreciate the workmanship that went into this housing.

The piece I'm referring to is the Nauticam NA-1DX underwater housing.

An underwater housing can't exactly be made out of electrical parts (though I think it would make things a lot simpler if they did) so they have to try to get all the functionallity of a modern DSLR on the outside of a waterproof housing.  I'm not going to count how many buttons there are on my dslr, so lets just say there are a LOT and call it good.  The crazy thing is that nauticam has brought almost ALL the buttons outside the housing.  This means that there needs to be mechanical works inside the housing that allow a button or ever to be actuated outside the housing, that correspondingly actuates a button on the camera which is inside the housing.  This sounds simple in theory, but one look on the inside of this housing and you're going to see that its really not simple in the least.

I can't believe how many leavers and gears there are to push a simple button lol and sturdy?  let me tell you.  This thing is built to last.  If i didn't know it came from china, I'd swear it was german built.

I bought this setup ages ago.  It took 3 months to ship it because they don't build them until someone orders one.  Because of this, there were, according to the salesman, only about 50 of them world wide.  That was back in April though, so that numbers probably up to like… 51 or so ;D

This is the first chance I'll have had to use this housing though, and the first time I've shot images underwater, so I'm pretty damn excited. Chomping at the bit really ;D

Anyway, I'm not sure I'll be able to show you guys any pics I get for a while.  I'm going to be getting mucho imageio in the next month or so and it'll probably take me a good 6 months to get through it all sufficiently.  I'm pretty excited about the underwater sutff, so i'll prolly get to it pretty soon, but as good as I can be on land, underwater has its own rules and I'm a complete newb at it, so even if I get some shots, they'll likely be kind of suck ass.

This picture is to get an idea of the shear size of this thing

this is a shot of the guts

Hi fellas, I've had some time to get to a few pictures.  I'm back from my trip now, and after 25 dives, I shot almost 10 000 frames.  I've still got about 9 900 more to go through, but here are a few of the better shots I've done so far.

Those are some wonderfully beautiful pictures!!
I love taking pictures but as much as I love my shots they don't come close to the ones you've posted.


I especially love the little fish.

beautiful shots…looking forward to seeing some more.


Those are some wonderfully beautiful pictures!!
I love taking pictures but as much as I love my shots they don't come close to the ones you've posted.


I especially love the little fish.

Thank you very much 🙂  Photography is a pretty involved subject, and while its easy to get decent shots these days,  Images like mine take a whole lot more dedication.  I've been shooting for a number of years now, and its taken me a long time to get to the level I'm at now.

I'm glad you like the lil fish.  He's no Nemo, but they have a lot in common.


beautiful shots…looking forward to seeing some more.

Thank you, heres some more 😄

Thanks for looking 🙂

These photos and the quality are beyond amazing keep up the awesome adventures  😎

Wow, these photos are nice! The world under water just looks so beautiful to me.

I've been on a fair number of dives since I posted this so I figures I would post a few of my favorite shots since.

This is a Whale shark I shot in Oslob Philippines, one of only a handful of locations in the world where you can see them reliably.

These ones were about 8 meters long.  Gentle giants though, even with about 15 fish that size swimming around me, at no time did I feel that they didnt know exactly where I was or where i was in relation to their body.  Not so much as a stray bump.  I cant say the same for a korean girl, i caught her on video getting her ass smacked by a 2 meter wide tail ;D that went about as well as you would have expected it to 😉

Up until a few years ago, the locals had a strong fear and superstision for these animals.  Its pretty easy to see why here. If you didnt know they were plankton eaters, looking down at this from your tiny fishing boat might make you poo poo the pants.

I'll post more soon.


Amazing shots.

Thanks  bro 🙂

The underwater world is a pretty amazing place.  Its filled with creatures that are so unusual that you could go right by them and not even know they were animals and not plants.

This is a Crinoid.  At first glance it looks a lot like a plant that is hanging out on the ocean floor, But it is actually an animal with many arms and legs.  Once you identify them for what they are, and many of the other species of animals that have created survival mechanisms such as this, you'll realize that the great majority of what you thought was plant life underwater was actually animal life 🙂

As you can see in this picture, the small crab seems to be taking a liesurely stroll past a large plant, but as we know, its actually wandering past another animal that is trying hard to go un-noticed.

This guy doesn't look like he gives a damn if i see him or not ;D  he should though, I could fit him in the palm of my hand.

This is a member of the Nudibranch species.  Nudibranchs are a type of sea slug.  I know we have visions of how icky slugs on land are, but underwater they are pretty damn cool.  There are many many different kinds of nudibranchs and most of them have vibrant colors and patterns.  They are also a popular species with underwater photographers as they make interesting images. Many photographers collect pictures of as many types as they can.  I like to think of them like pokemon… gotta catch them all ;D

This is a Stonefish.  It is one of the most venomous fish in the world and I would give you the advice to watch out for them, except that you will probably never even see it.  The fish here is pretty obvious because I am using flash photography.  Underwater, red is the first wavelength to be filtered out, so after about 1 meter, red no longer exists as a color.  Imagine this fish then, if you couldnt see red… it would blend in and be completely invisible to the eye, and your attention.

The fish are really only dangerous if you poke yourself with one of the spines by picking it up or stepping on it, so taking the photos as I did here is as safe as anything else I shoot.

This is a better example of the quality of its camouflage.  I actually had to spend a lot of time in the editor to make the fish even this noticeable.  When i saw the pic for the first time on the computer I was scratching my head wondering why i had taken a picture of nothing…. then I saw it.  Thats even after having eyes that are trained to see these things underwater.  I was impressed enough to take the time to show other people how well fish have adapted to being unseen.

…speechless... Karma +!

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