Back up freeware software

I am looking for a basic back up freeware software so I can replace my father's now dead maxtor onetouch with the 2nd hard drive they have in their system as their back up hard drive.

What I'd like it to to be able to do:
Back up on a set time/daily basis
Only back up new files, keep old ones or/and existing files.

I had used a simple one a few years ago on my server, but now I can't remember what it was called since I no longer have that hdd lying around.

I myself use a old piece of software that even works on windows 8.1
Last update was in 2004 but I have never had a a issue with it and it even has a scheduler.

It has rarely let me down and is 100% free 🙂

If you need a guide just tell me Make me a guide:P

But basically all you do is, Install it(I'm sure you can figure it out)
2:Run EZBack-it-up
3:Click the drive where ton want to backup items and drag them to the top right square.
4.When everything is ready click save backup job(its the disk at the top right)
5.Name your Backup I Named mine "HowdoesArinothworkinIT" but you can name it anything you like like "FOFFSoul"
6.Create a folder manually on your backup drive, Set that as your destination in EZBack-it-up
7.Then Save and run it.
8.Under Actions you can save a schedule and setup specific times.

IF you need a photo guide I'll make it

Cobian Backup is a free solution that was often recommended when I researched this topic extensively.
I'm currently using a backup script with the robocopy command ( created directory for placement) and Windows scheduler.

On a Mac consider rsync as a file syncing utility