Hi everyone, I've been looking more and more into getting some custom individually sleeved cables and came across the Alchemy cables from Bitfenix. Does anyone have experience with those cables? Are they quality stuff? I would love to see a some pictures of your rigs with some of those cables installed to see how they look. Thanks everyone for the help.

Back in the day I reviewed them for the company I was with sorry its a conflict of interests to link but here is some photos of the cables in and out of a build

I still used the cables today nearly 3 years later. the quality has moved up a lot in the years but all and all they are great

Awesome, thanks for the pics. Those cables sure look sexy. Im gonna keep looking but so far i like what i see. 😉

White cables of course look fantastic in white case. Nicely done, Soul!

But a 200 and 230mm big fans catched up my attention. These can probably run very slowly (read = quietly), yet still pack awesome airflow. Interesting.

I too can attest to their quality.  I have used them in many semi-custom builds (ie where the customer was too cheap to want full on custom cables) have yet to have anyone complain.  Easy to work with, look good, work good.  Not much down side besides their high asking price.

If you dont want to go the full custom sleeve road…and the color fits with your build....they are hard to beat.  Just remember their 'white' and say the white of a case...may not be the same WHITE...even if both are made by BF. 😉

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