Add YouTube plugin…?

Many forums I visit do have the "YouTube" buttom that wrap the "YouTube" tags around a YouTube link and show preview of the video in it, allowing it to be played into the forum itself. Like this:

Could that be done…?

Working on this one right now 🙂


Sounds great, how can I use it? Just pasting a YouTube link…?


The Road to World War 3 – 13:48
— StormCloudsGathering

Well, that seems to be working, congratulations! Only that I cannot see the preview image of the movie in the box, but that happens on other servers too... Maybe my old browser is up to the blame?

I can see it correctly…nice choice of video  😛


I can see it correctly…nice choice of video  😛

Haha fitting that he would choose that one 🙂

Nice work soulless!

Inik - I was affraid that the video was too political for a PC and hardware forum… but thanks!  😉