Nexus 7 (2013) vs Samsung

Looking for a decent 'all round' or general purpose tablet.  Not going to be used for documents or media creation.  This is simply a media consumption device (ballistic calculator, Gun Disassembly 2 , maybe games, reading, farting around, smurfing the web, etc).

Thinking that 10" might be a touch too big to hold, but my first choice the Nexus 7 might be a touch small.  PPI only goes so far!  Also the who web-beaming to Sam SmartTV has me interested as I have a couple of them in the house.

So what do you guys think…and why?

This maybe the strangest thing I have ever said but dude have you thought about Dell?
The Venue 8.1 Pro is a work of art and goes for a great price.

It offers full windows and is one of the snappiest tablets I have ever used.

It also has a unbelievable battery life and very responsive screen.

Oddly enough it has been the first dell product in my life to impress me.

Thats an interesting idea.  Looking at it…I could easily load bluestacks and load droid apps that way.  Plus a real OS and real CPU (not a phone SoC).  Damn now I am actually interested in a Dell too!

Thanks for the recommendation.