Video Card Questions

I have some video card choices and just curious what should be used where lol.

I have the following (also I've never setup another card just for physx do people notice a huge difference when you do that?)

I have and am unsure what to put in my machine as my "TOP CARD"

PNY 770 4GB OC (i think but it might be oc2?)
Sapphire 4GB 290
Gigabyte 770 2GB
EVGA 660
ASUS 570
560Ti 448 Core

Thanks in advance guys I'm thinking either the 290 or the PNY (currently in my machine) are my top choices but which one is best?

Then the 2nd best to my kids machine and 3rd best to wifes the other cards do I just sell or should I put in and try to do as a dedicated physx?


Well depends how much you want PhysX, if you play many games with it, and if you notice it when it's there.

If you don't, then the best bet would be the 290, if you do want PhysX I'd say the 770 coupled with the 560 Ti as the PhysX card.

Second best is going to be the 770 4GB OC, then the 770 2 GB.

I would go with either your 2 770's in SLI or just the 290 then the 770 4gb then 770 2gb and so on.

Really any of the top cards will power through 1080p where the 290 has you ready for higher resolution lcds 🙂

Clearly it is the R9 290, then PNY GTX 770 and then Gigabyte GTX 770.

I would only use custom cooler on the R9 290 (to get it quieter also), as using normal standard cooler it get exceptionaly hot and actually slower, as the card throttle itself when going too hot. So the R9 290 could ever be made faster 😉

As the PhysX goes, I would probably just disable it, as it usually bring only slow-down, while it not add much eyecandy.

Also Soul, rightfully so, bring up the the resolution question. If you use low resolution, then it does not matter, but R9 290 will be even faster that GTX 770 cards when come to higher resolutions and antialiasing. So it will be faster always, but even more dramatic are the results, as resolution go up.