Quad Channel Memory Questions

Alright, if some of my stuff on the BST sells I've promised myself I will upgrade my ram to something that is much much faster than what I'm using right now. Since I have a X79 chipset and it is Quad Channel, can I buy two dual channel kits (exact same kit) and have them run in quad channel mode or do I have to buy specific quad channel kits?

And on a second note, what high speed kits should I be looking at?

Thirdly, will better timing/newer ram allow me to overclock better as right now I'm not overclocked that fast as I tend to get BSODs related to my RAM.

1866 I found was the best bang for the buck for my LGA2011 rig

waiting for sales

Getting BSOD already? Uh, oh… at what clocks you are getting them and with what rams?

Recently, Kingston Technology released something they claim to be good ram for overclockers: HyperX FURY memory. They go in clocks of 1333, 1600 and 1866MHz, witch to be acceptable for the entry level overclocking.

For more speed, I would be looking at CL9 2133MHz rams, as CL11 is to slow at that speed:

Another way could be Crucial Ballistix, that are only 1600MHz ones, but CL8 at 1.35V, yet vast majority of users can run them at 2133MHz with good CL9-9-9-28 settings with 1.50 -1.60V w/o a glitch:

That should give you some memory speed  😎

Oh Ram I have is from my previous 2600k, it's quite old and I think it's probably the timings and everything else. Besides I'd like faster/more ram too.