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fuck. figures paz would beat me to it. soul whats this site gonna be about?

focus on unbiased hardware and gaming and of course Contests and tournaments :) its just a for fun forum so enjoy.

Ps welcome everyone and if you have any suggestions or anything pm me or post in the suggestions areas :)

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Nice, I only had a problem. How do I make sure I am really truly human ?

Kilauea on HWC Maniak, 373 on SC2

I had the same issue. I replied "I think so" which apparently wasn't an acceptable statement.....

Seriously though... "I think so" is about as close as any of us can come... I mean how the hell do I answer honestly if I don't really know if life is real or a dream??? :)

Greets, and gl on the forum.


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H'lo folks, some of you might remember me from HWC a few years back (has it been years already??) I think i posted there a bit when win 8 came out, but I'm not sure that counts considering windows 8 no longer exists to me ;D Jk. i'm stuck with it like everyone else!

Cheers to Arinoth for bringing this forum to my attention :D

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Man Soulless, you let all the riff raff in here didn't you? LP.damn guy is a moving target on the PB field. Chrisk? Oi.....half the forum will be drunk by noon.

You even let steve in?! Gah!


Hey I needed people to talk to in the Beer section :P

Welcome everyone glad to have you all on board

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I was get invinted by Soul, so Im oblidged to say a Hello to all ;)

Looks like a good forum - I like the Soulessone21 logo design too Very nice. Let's hope this forum it will be populated by friendly guys and we learn something together.

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