This might not be the correct place to post this but I couldn't think of a better place.
Eitherway, I am wondering what SSD you would recommend, I'm interested in a 250~ GB SSD with high read/write speed, price abour 120£ +/-

This is the one currently in my mind
Samsung SSD EVO Basic 840-Series 250GB

Got better options or any comments about it?

You cannot get wrong with this SSD. The long-time low-price recommendation was the Crucial M4 SSD, but they are no longer making M4. Instead they making M5. Yet from the tests it seems to be a bit slower that the Samsung 840 EVO, but on the other hand, the Samsung make the speed only using massive cache:

1000MB cache vs. 24MB

But if you going for the Samsung, then go for the Pro version, not the basic.

However pay also attention to the chips used technology. The TLC chips have "only" 1000 rewrites guaranted, while the MLC chips have 3000 rewrites guaranted. So the new TLC suxx in longetivity. If that is not your problem (you plan to toss the SSD in year and get bigger), then Samsung.

On the other hand, the Crucial M500 is a MLC SSD, witch w/o massive caches and tricks (you never know, how it behave speed-wise in the next second in case of Samsung 840 EVO Pro) deliver quite comparable performance and use 3x higher longetivity chips. Not to mention being cheaper a bit.