Requesting guide

I would be interested if someone were to make a nice guide/tutorial on how to setup a nice mining system and what to look at when purchasing a setup, like.. antminer, usbminer etc.. I myself barely know anything about it at all, I remember starting getting into it and I were mining bitcoin with my GTW 570 haha I got scolded my ass of for doing that ;D
Apparently it's not the most efficient way of doing it.

I would also like to see or make use of a guide.. or what group/pool to join. I've tried it with 2 so far and I forget the message but it doesn't do anything ??? goes for like 2-5 minutes and says "closing"  ??? was going to try and replicate the error but I have the coin miner open but can't access the program it's like just popping up as an icon on the taskbar. I know I don't have good hardware but if I connect up the old pc.. also I have different very very old graphics cards?? can I run more than one inside the machine. ?

Hey guys I will make some guides shortly but the key is:
what hardware do you have(Very Important):
Do you pay for your own power:
Consider buying Asic miners as well as I am working on many guides for them 🙂