List of documentary movies
Great list of some mind expanding movies try to take a look and some of them might enlight you ,others wont fail you.

Thanks for the great link.

Hope to make some time after editing and the giveaway to check a few out 🙂

I definitively miss The Power of Nightmares - an Adam Curtis BBC documentary taking a critical aim at the "war on terror" and it does show in a great way many at least puzzling facts.

And remember, that was before USA now supporting the same terrorists it vows to fight in Syria.

Also worth checking is The Trap - another Adam Curtis and BBC documentary, this time about the "western" idea of "freedom" that is not freedom at all.

Not to mention that the first part of Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power is out:
Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1 – 37:24
— StormCloudsGathering

It might be tough bit to swallow at first, but to understand the todays "democracy" it is like bullet to the brain. Not really nice informations, however I would still recommend it.

Minimum Wage Consequences - something to be known about this "good laws and nanny state protecting us":

Edgar the Exploiter - Minimum Wage Consequences – 07:09
— cowfootman

The Impending Collapse of the World Economy

Good explaination about money and how they come to dominate our life, countries politics and in fact everything on the planet. It also well explain and demonstrated, how gold/silver backed money help only the ritch and bankers, as they can controll the amount of gold on the market and therefore it's price (and they have almost all the gold ever, so).
So far, it is almost as advert for cryptocurrency scheme  ;D

That's a really good list of documentaries! Thank you