How Pokemon is the original Call of Duty franchise (re-hashing games)

First I should state that I enjoy the Pokemon franchise and have played some of it's games over the years, from Red/Blue, to Yellow, to Gold/Silver, to the remake of Gold (Goldheart) but today I came to an interesting conclusion: Pokemon is no difference then Call of Duty, where it releases essentially the same game.

Well you see Pokemon comes out with a new game every couple of years, adding more Pokemon, each iteration they are lazier at it. Add a few game mechanics and more or less progress in the same 'linear' storyline. Every so often they release an enhanced/remastered version of some of their original/older titles onto a new platform.

A few things that are always the same as well, only 4 moves (limitation originally for the Gameboy and Gameboy Colour) yet the DS, 3DS, etc have been able to handle a lot more than that. There is ALWAYS a version of team rocket who you have to stop from stealing everyone's pokemon, 8 gyms for that 'starting country/continent' and finally there is always an elite 4 to beat.

Great write up and good points at least their not like blizzard and steal other peoples ideas and content and label it their own haha.

Wish the world was not so lazy…:(