I am looking to use the ASRock AM1H-ITX in quite a unique build however I have a few questions for anyone who may or hopefully knows the answers to.

Both questions involve using the DC-In 19V Adapter

  1. Are there any standby or active 5V (or 3.3V) pins/headers anywhere on the motherboard that are live/active when the system is off but plugged into the 19V Adapter (which is plugged into the wall). I know there is an active standby 5V pin from an ATX power supply, but wondering if say the 5V for the power/reset switch or the speaker are live/active (which I would assume they are all the time if the system has power)

  2. What is the maximum current draw from say the 5V pin for the speaker, power/reset switch etc. Also can I 'disable' them to act just as a voltage source rather than their original intended design?