Look at what I saw for sale at Value Village tonight

I would like to know what someone at Value Village was thinking pricing these items at 9.99$ each…

What socket MOB is that? Looks like its from before my time in computer hardware.

This is amazing! i386 board with "overdrive" to i486 CPU! LOL

10 bucks for that? Priceless joke! 🙂 But I would pay $10 for a Intel Pentium Overdrive CPU. As this thing goes into socket 7 and when the fan is stoped/disconnected, then it does fall to x1 multiplier, witch I would like to use to gain lowest CPU-Z score ever 🙂 With 10MHz, I was once in the 2nd in the world place:
…so I want to push things there 🙂

Bond007 - PLCC socket for i286/i386, socket 1-3 for i486, 4-7 for first Pentiums… etc.
i386 had not even match coprocessor (FPU), so mainboards usually have special socket for these co-processors  ;D i486 and higher had integrated the FPU 🙂

386 I miss my old one.. haha.. had 8 mb of ram which was alot for the day. when I got the 486 dx 66 mhz I ran a BBS on it 🙂

Wow, old hardware at a bargain price… in 1992

They put them in plastic bags…........

Big bad DUH idea there....

shakes head

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