Crypto Currencies big drop on the 11th of April

As of April 11th many Crypto Currencies dropped to a low not seen in months. Since then many of them have been rebuilding bit by bit.

This is a fluctuating market and is best compared to a volatile stock market.

Since the 11th many of the main Crypto's have gone back up but on the 25th they took another hit but have been still rebuilding.

In the last 24 hours many of them have taken a small increase by 5-10% but if this trend continues to decrease the bubble may of very well popped on a craze that if anything has helped increase great hardware updates where gaming has done nothing to assist the need for new hardware.

In my mind the numbers will keep climbing as Asic takes the market from GPU but if AMD and Nvidia play their cards right and go for lower wattage but higher performance they very well could have a major come back.

IMHO the cryptocurrency volatility is relatively high, because of several factors, witch none are IMHO related to hardware:

  1. these cryptocurrency coins are new
    That means they are not estalished, there is not huge userbase and hence their fluctuation could be huge. If every 10th person in the world use some of cryptocurrency, then the value will stop fluctuating too much. It is just matter of time, where the value end. Goverments fiat money are backed by the power of the state, that enforce taxating in these fiat money, hence creating a need for them. If more people use and more shops accept them, then we can have some "driving force" too. Currently it is not that big. But that will change as banksters press more on the crysis they plan to unleash.

  2. the cryptocurrency threats governments
    Since goverments cannot just print (or type into bank account in computer) bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency), they did not own this payment system. They cannot bypass it, controll it or abuse it. If people move to the cryptocurrency, then goverments end up asking the people for what they want to be done. So people will rule once again, as it should be. For example - if you want to wage a "war on the drugs", it cost this much. Here is the reciept, pay and we can do it. Suddently even people that are currently for prosecution of drugs find, that they can tolerate these "damn potsmokers." Because if they are not, then they must pay for it, once govt cannot just "print the money."
    However this is a mortal threat to every these people that run the govt, manipulate it for their gains and that work for it. All these will do anything they possibly can to get rid of this threat. Make no mistake, they will kill to stay in power. So the reality, that they try influence and fuel the unstability of cryptocurrency, is pretty much what will happen and what is actually happening. They have no way to get people off this, so they try undermine the credibility at best as they can. Influencing rapid crashes is not that hard, because IIRC they own substantional amount of Bitcoins from the Silk Road action:
    "The FBI seized over 26,000 BTC from accounts on Silk Road (…) On 25 October, the FBI reported that they had seized 144,000 BTC..."

So they have the opportunity, capability and reasons of doing so.

It is also mortal threat to them, if the Bitcoins/any cryptocurrency coins is going to gain value over time, as opposed to their fiat money, that are continually losing their value. So, do expect resistance.