Tankers Unite!

Alright Forum Members, who here plays World of Tanks?

Feel free to hit me up if you see me in game.
I go by the handle of Wolfrum.

If you don't know what I am taking about, go here:


Quite possibly one of the best FTP games I have played, and will continue to play into the future.


I shall join ur tankers if you join my Mechwarriors:p

I won't join that, because my hardware is too poor to move this game around 😉 But it can be fun…  😉

Time to upgrade then Trodas 😛


I wish I can. ATM I was struggling as it is. But hey - maybe I can manage to run my Opteron 148 + 8600 GT - that could do it for the World of Tanks?

Yeah that probably wouldn't quite be enough.

It struggles on more than that, hopefully one day mate.


Well, that is the fastest I ever get my hands on :-[

And it was (once) well overclockable, now it struggling to even get it back to work stable at default speeds ( http://forums.soullessone21.ca/help-wanted/suggested-settings-for-mushkin-enhanced-pc3200 ), so, good to know that World of Tanks are somewhat more hungry for computing power and graphic card…  But we can hope? What is the playable demands of this game anyway?

As of late with all the graphics updates you need at least an i3 and 650 with 4GB of RAM to make it workable. Sadly.
It used to require much less (I did it on an E4700 and a 9600GSO at one point) but the engine has had massive updates since then.


Oh my… so much for free online game ;D
I never had even in my hands such powerfull machine, still struggling with my P4 and maybe I can get some usable rams and try my Opteron 148, but that it is. Also the graphic requirments are somewhat high, you really mean GTX 650?


Oh, by watching this video:
(tough it is pretty jerky at 720p on my machine)
...I got the idea that you are serious. There is too much objects, most of them destructable (sadly not buildings, or at least not by tank movement) and while zooming in, there is even a field of vision and so on... I like the nice wast and open landscape. And since the reload time is extreme, the game surely require some strategic thinking. Rush in is probably bad idea - so I can see where the popularity of this game lies in. No wonder.
The hardware requirments are a bit step, tough...

When it look like this:
...then it probably can run with the lesser HW requirments, true.

Even run at a complete minimum (have tried on a Lappy that has a Quadro) it stalls, there is enough lag and stuttering that you are more of a liability to your team than an asset. I guess you'll have to wait till either they can dial it down more, or you have a bit better HW to play.

If you weren't in the Czech Rep. I would send you an older but usable C2D. That would work much better.


Even in the video (when I play it at 360p only, 720p is slow there) are some lagging and jerking visible, right at the start, when the player try to look aroud… That is damn shame, but I quess we cannot complain for a free game.
Oh, well, thanks for the Core Duo offer, unfortunetely the MSI PM8M3-V mainboard does not support Core Duo CPU's in rev. 1.0 of the PCB:
...so a Pentium 4 670 (3.8GHz, 2MB L2) is the fastest I could use there. The Pentium D 960 (3.6GHz, 65nm, Presler, Dual Core, FSB800, L2 Cache 2x2MB) in the latest revision of PCB supported is still not Core Duo by all means... so no luck there either.

That, combined with 6800 GT running in PCI mode (!) will definitively turn the game into a slideshow and if I cannot aim well, then I will be really just a lame duck in shooting range. Nothing like this guy in the video is showing... 😞

But I find interesting the shooting thru the foliage. How does that works? I mean... the red silouetes of the enemy tanks are visible only when? I would quess that when some other member of our team spot them, so there is a spotting function?
How does it work?

I cannot try it by myself, so I gotta ask...  😉 I tried to download the installer and run it, it install, but then failed 🙂 Windows 2000 SP4 seems to be only half-supported, lol. At least I register my nick, before someone else will do it, lol. 0 Battles, tough ;D

Autoload for four fast rounds seems to pay off well:
The whole credit system looks pretty robust to me and almost terrifying on the first sight...

This SU-100 gameplay is amazing!
World of Tanks gameplay- SU-100 – 27:10
— joeteegee

Damn clever british suxxka!

This guy, on the other hand, have many good ideas, yet as he tried to demonstrate then, it almost always fail:
Let's Play World of Tanks Episode 011 - Tactics and Ideas – 27:28
— Darqueling

But still a interesting play he show up 🙂 Sometimes this is pretty hard. Do people face so good and experienced players even from the beginning?  ???

Drowning tanks? Possible, lol:
World of Tanks - Derpenberg – 16:30
— The Mighty Jingles

…and a epic one man win:
World of Tanks - More Epic Wins – 30:44
— The Mighty Jingles

Yes, you can face good players right from the start. Even I roll in my Tier 2 tanks on a daily basis to keep my skills sharp, and to teach those on my team what to do and what not to do.

Problem with your setup is it needs more than just a mainboard upgrade to keep current. Your OS and GPU would need tweaking as well in order to gain enough ground to play the damn game.

That being said once in its a blast. I'm currently doing beta for other Wargamming ventures and I gotta admit its fun 🙂


I can't wait to get my rig back together, so I can pew pew again with you guys. I know I'm gonna get sucked into the premium buying pit again though…

Anytime you're ready to join me in the fight again LP I will be there.


Soul Of The Wolf - oh, facing so experienced players right from the start will be disasterous, lol. Gotta find some servers with beginners first, I think…
As the setup goes, well, it need a complete rebuild to get any decently usable framerate out of WOT, I'm affraid. Any "tweaking" is not going to work, this need serious rebuild from scratch.
As for the betatesting, then good job - just told them, please, to optimize the code a little bit more so the game framerate will be good even on older CPU's.

LPfan4ever - I'm affraid you get your rig done much faster that me 🙂 But not to worry, I try my best to catch up with you later… 🙂

Meanwhile I looked and even very lightly armed tanks like the Hellcat, could with the right strategy and good hands show amazing gameplay:

World of Tanks || Hellcat - Tank Review – 26:15
— QuickyBaby

I love this tank gameplay on first sight 🙂 Smeaky, fast spotter and then killer 🙂 Great!

Trolling with tanks, lol:
World of Tanks || MEGA TROLL - Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C with Jingles! – 06:39
— QuickyBaby

Your first 10-20 games you won't face experienced players. But it would still help (unlike me) to read as many guides as you can and learn as much as you can about the game play. The actual mechanics of spotting, damage, penetration can seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of it it becomes fun.

A key component of early success is to learn what you can and cannot hurt/damage/face off against. Learn your tank inside and out and learn as much as you can about what you will fight.

Knowledge is power. Knowing what you can and cannot do with tanks and such will be key to surviving.


Oh, I lost my rather large post there 😞

Basicaly I hope it can get restored… or I have to retype my questions and post all over again? Probably yes... oh, well...

So again - it is great, that noob did not face experienced players at least for the beginning. I quess that even later I have to hold yourself back, before I get some experience (also trained crew, 6th sense and such important things)… It looks like I have to unlock or win somewhat many tanks before I can use them - that is another interesting thing.
I would be then very much open to suggestions, witch tank to use to gain credits... I see that arty or scout tanks play entierly different play that regular tanks. Scout tanks get quickly into position in middle of the game in some bush and then spot for the rest of the team and not fire on enemy to not reveal it's position.
Arty get somewhere back stuck and wait for spoted tanks that don't move much to kill them by engine shoot (less armor on the back) ...

Also I starting to learn some strategy from player Quickfingers (Quickfingers_EU sometimes). This "damn suxxka" seems to be pretty good, making one review of tank on the top of another and usually OWN the other players in the game, even when playing a bit reckless sometimes. Many times surviving the round without being hit from time when it's tank health get very low, so one hit could kill him - then he can play very cautiously. Check his channel or recommend me a better player to learn from:

I would of course like to play the ISU-152, but there is no chance in hell that I get it any time soon, I quess. But he can show an amazing play with the first japs tank in the game, the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai:
World of Tanks || Chi-Nu Kai - Gameplay Preview – 12:56
— QuickyBaby

Most players won't manage such play with serious medium tank, not this paper japansee thing that get hit engine damaged so easily and have bad turrent armor also… Just look at his play, lol!

There is a great example of him, getting almost killed at the start and still managing to...  well, you see 🙂
World of Tanks || ISU-152 Pool's Medal. – 18:02
— QuickyBaby

I getting to understand the strategy there. Sometimes it is necessary to think more steps forward for the reload and damage times. For example the action, where Quickfingers had almost wrecked tank, and convinced another healty tank to attack one heavy tank, incomming back covered by him. And then - the reaction of the enemy was to shoot back ASAP to the first tank, while the enemy should have waited and killed Quicksuxxka first, and then work on the attacker. But he fail to see the trap, shoot at the attacking tank, that get only damaged and now Quicksuxxka had it's shoot and then he take cover, then attacking tank had another exchange and then Quickfingers score it's another kill...

Some cooperations are very, very interesting. Sometimes there are even planed distractions and so on... very interesting.

Cannot wait to be able to actually play the game and put these ideas into practice.

Just look, how this Quickyfingers fella can dominate his oponents with fairly mediocre tank - the premium T-44-85 with horrible gun accurancy and lousy penetration:

World of Tanks || T-44-85 - Gameplay Preview – 13:48
— QuickyBaby

Not to mention his armor is a trash and even at ange it did not bounce the shell, not to mention being hit in the weak points (driver hatch and cupola on the turrent) right away… Still a win for him. Amazing.