No matter what, no matter how 'crappy' someone says a tank is or how its paper stats look…it is all up to the tanker to make the best of it.
People HATE the JPZ4 , and yet I can win consistently in it time and time again.
You need to not only know your tank, but how it works on the map you are on, and what you are up against.

One of the most important things to know is what tanks you face, and how best to attack them.
It takes practice, and I am not the best tanker, but I do well because I know. And learn.


I cannot speak from experience, but watching other people play I come to the same conclusion. The best tank is the best player AND the style he choose to play. Even really mediocre light tanks could sometimes do wonders in the battle. Of course if you roll with your light tank or lightly armored tank destroyer like it is a heavy tank that can take hits - you wreck it quite soon.

But observing and cautious approach, playing oportunistic (eg. engaging tanks only when they are already engaged with another tank or weaked) and moving around the battlefield a lot - even a light tank, that is basicaly a two hit suxxka can win the game and make jaws drop:
World of Tanks || Replay Competition #1 Winner Candidate - T-71 – 17:51
— QuickyBaby

Oh my God… I would love to try something like that 🙂

Looks like I got the favorite tank to play - T-24 Chaffee seems to be as very nice compromise of speed and armor and gun - aim quick, fire fast, got reasonable accurancy (can fire on move with vertical stabilizator with great results) and can penetrate all sides of tanks it meed, except IS-4 😉 This replay show how to kick some butts with it pretty well:

WoT Tips #3 - Become a better defender – 13:30
— TheRiisingSun

Epic game for a scout tank 🙂

Chaffee while it can dish out some damage is best saved hiding in a bush with Full camo + Camo net, and holding very still.

It should only reveal itself when absolutely needed to. Spotting is the live or die of WoT. You can have 100's of good players but if you don't have good 'eyes' you're in a world of hurt as you get shot to pieces trying to get into the engagement.
Aggressive play with scouts is a rare occurance and should only be done when you know you have a clear line to an advantageous position.


Yep, Chaffee is a dedicated scout, but I like more agressive scouting. I like to fire at the enemy tanks, lol. And that is where the Chaffee gun is very potentional. I would love to get hand on it…  🙂

And yes, spotting in the most important thing in WOT - of course with a good radio. But when there is TWO bushes between you and the target, then you can fire away hapilly, he cannot see you and will complain about "hackers" and "ghost tanks" and "gold noobs" and so on...  ;D

For holidays I got to repair friend computer, witch is a Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe, Opteron 148 250x11 (2750MHz), 2x 512MB rams 2.5-3-3-6, POW 7300GT and WD 160G HDD. So I used my Enermax 620W PSU (that is the thing where I would be replacing caps to fix it) and my PNY 6800 GS 470/550MHz GFX card and then I tried WOT for the very first time.
On 1GBy it is really a PAIN to play, but it works with the settings on low/off where possible. Still it crashes and constantly complain about lack of ram:

…but I make it work by cuting the Win XP (sadly it need SP3, witch is more memory hungry that SP 1.0a...) down to the bone and then even cheing the bone up badly. I get to 53MB this way - 800x600x16 for Win only (game at monitor res, 1280x1024) and cut everything and I mean EVERYTHING:

…and it says 53MB when I ending up the Explorer. It is not 57 - 9.4 (47.6MB), but that is probably because many DLLs are left in the ram for the Explorer... 😞

I disable even the intro video-logo:
...witch basicaly overwrite this file...
WOT dir\res\scripts\client\gui\doc_loaders\guidirreader.pyc
And the intro video logo is gone 🙂 Memory saved!

And I can play then a bit 🙂 And it looks like that I can be pretty good for the limited hardware - 6 days of play, 4 top guns, 8 tanks killed even with the best I got is the M2 light tank:


If you like to shoot at things I do not recommend you do it with scouts. I know its not what you want to hear, but you are a detriment to your team if you engage enemy targets as a scout unless you are killing their scout, or have managed to make it to their artillery position.

If you prefer mobility and retaining some firepower the American Mediums or German Medium lineups are ideal. Well, and the Brits too, they have some nice Medium tanks.
At least then you have some use in the world. You might find Youtube videos of amazing rounds in a scout tank but remember something very important….that is when that player does 'really good' What you don't see is the 10 failed matches where he was shredded in 10sec or less because of bad scout habits.

Trust me mate, with 19K games under the belt I've learned a thing or two about that 🙂


On, not to worry! I already noticed, that a scout light tank is usually one shot kill for most of the medium tanks… not to mention when matchmaking throw me to tier 3... And yep, I trying not to fire much, when spotting. Some games I manage not to fire at all  😄 Look, I almost did not fired:


And I still prefer the Chaffee 🙂 Very fast mobility and it can hurt tanks too. And of course, I will try some other tanks too. Quickyfingers seems to like the British Comet and other tanks for the mobility and even some of the latest China tanks for mobility and reasonably good guns.
Even tier 1 China tanks sometimes can rock:

…and I slowly getting better:


But I must admit that wargaming get me pretty angry. I registred my nick trodas on the .com server (never knew the consequences) and when I went to play, my pass is always rejected. So I created account trodas_pr on the .eu server and that worked well. So I asked wargaming WTF and they told me to get in the contact with the NA (North America) support staff to get my nick trodas deleted there and they will then for 2500 gold (!!!) rename my nick trodas_pr to trodas…
That is rip off at best! When I buy some gold, then it will be for new slots so I can buy new tank, not for nick rename and that much... for their error. Either the nick is global - then it should work as global - or let me register the trodas nick for the EU!  ::)

Go home, WOT. You are drunk…

drunk WOT hangover


I know it can be a pain but that long terms of service that you probably scrolled through instead of reading has a big bold section about which site you register for before you make your nickname  😛

Much like I cannot play on the SEA server , you cannot play on our US one.


Yea, but when you finally got a computer decent enought to run WOT (even in action it drop to 12fps), then you just want to play and not read usual mumbo-jumbo that basicaly always say "we own your ass and there is nothing you can do about it" …

Tought this "little" detail seems pretty important from the todays perspective. However they already offered a solution, lol. Nevermind. This is a good testament of weirdness of WG anyway.


I, however, could after 2 months of playing confidently say, that I'm almost ready to move from the tier 1 tanks to something higher  ;D I already gained 56x topguns, 4x High calliber, Kolobanov, Orlik, Pascucci, Crucial contribution, 239x Cool Headed medals, 5x Broters in arms and etc. So maybe my play is not that bad, after all:

And now it is time for some fun! What about this epic moments from WaterWar QSF?

World of tanks - Funtage – 02:57
— WaterWar

Ownage!  ;D

WOT is drunk again!

(I slided from the side and get stuck in this position. Begging my teammate for like 3 min to push me out of this misery, untill a loltractor come and ram me and himself to death, lol… I was really unable to move anywhere, I tried everything...)

Best Quickies of the Week

Top 5 Best Quickies of the Week | Week #6 – 04:42
— TheRiisingSun

IMHO Pagan Maga is the best guy there, but of course all others are good players or at least very hilarious  😎

When team donked out, then poor M5 Stuart had to take the role of Big dog and kill some tanks…

Resulting Mastery badge, Reaper, Topgun, High caliber and Spartan:

Sadly, I was not watching the time (get too carried away) and I swear that the lest shell on the last oponent are in air, when the game ended 😞

Same my teammate deprived me of the "flakbus" kill, as HE is highly effective against flakbuses and I love them ;D Two shoot kills for my hwitzer HE ammo 😉

Tier was tier 5, with most tier 4 tanks and even there tier 3 ones. Good MM, bad team, draw.
(no replay, tough, because my computer is too slow, so I disble everything I could and still getting in some places 8fps (Severogorsk 😞 ) … so no funny replay this time)

Once I get a pc up and running again Ill def join up with you guys on some WoT


Once I get a pc up and running again Ill def join up with you guys on some WoT

Your system should run it rather well:) my wife is to busy with the kids so I will ship it tonight 🙂

…and then, lucky you, you can tank like a boss! Or like a friendly french tank?

WoT Tips - A Quicky S02E09 - Close French Contact – 01:14
— TheRiisingSun


WOT viewrange (and skills) info there:

Trolling poor new players with T18 - 10 kills  ;D

Trolling people on old version of Himmelsdorf map:

World of Tanks: Trolls of Himmelsdorf – 03:21
— Jung The Great


Even that the poor little T18 get worsened notably by last patch (8.11), I still managed another 10 kills game (could be 11, but I get too excited and failed like a noob):


Or what about trolling people with KV-2 derp gun with HE ammo? KV-2 - King of the Hill

World of Tanks || KV-2 - King of the Hill – 12:09
— QuickyBaby

…a new site for replays submit was created by Quickybaby community:

Preview of the historical battles in patch 9.0 in WOT by HighFlyer15:

Test Server 9.0 - Historical Battle Gameplay(being reckless) – 29:22
— TheRiisingSun

…and there are changes in maps - Malinovka:
…and in Severogorsk:

As for the fps, then during recording they are kinda low (37fps), but HighFlyer15 says, that during normal gameplay it is about 120fps on Malinovka on i5 2500K, GTX 560ti, 8G ram & Win7:

No informations about overckock yet and the "K" version is definitively looking like it should get some OC  ;D

Closed beta of WOT Blitz - so WOT for mobile android a iOS devices:
ASAP #19. Closed beta test WoT Blitz. [World of Tanks] – 05:10
— World of Tanks North America
"World of Tanks Blitz is our new game for mobile devices based on World of Tanks! It is being developed to be available on both smartphones and tablets…"

All you need to have is a 256k UL internet connection and you are ready to roll 🙂

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