Over Kill Custom cooled AMD HD 6450

So I have a box… thats a lie like 20 boxes of old and newish gear kicking around and while I was loading up a few systems I noticed a old universal cooler on a dead 6870 and a working 6450 1gb with a stuck fan on its cooler.

The 6450 was one like this

So I started modding the bracket and this is how she ended

Custom Ram coolers

Truly fun to make something different

Hope you enjoyed and I will see if I can OC this little media card at all 🙂

PS before people ask yes it clears the components under it and pci slot I tested it 😛

It must be quite close, to the components bellow the PCIE port.
But it looks promisingly good.
Yet I believe that the overclockability will be limited by the components choosed (mainly the lack of capacitors around the rams - the empty places) - but good luck!

Surprisingly, the low-end card can even play FarCry3:
FarCry3 gameplay on club 3d radeon hd 6450 1024mb – 09:40
— Jellepepe

That is unexpected. Even tough the settings are mostly low and the framerate is choppy at best  😉

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