P9X79LE and Xonar Essence STX

Hello all!


Next is the Asus Xonar Essence STX PCIe Sound Card.  Used for only a month.  Never driven hard, or had crazy levels of audio through it.  Sound Card comes with 4Years of In-Store Product Replacement ending on Nov 18th, 2017

Selling for $125 OBO



Where are you located and what methods of payment do you take?

Welcome to the RHR, OmegaV4  😉 Nice pieces of HW… sadly they are about to change the owner, lol.

(minor rant - it makes me wonder, if Asus is actually aware, that polymer caps have like 50 to 60 times more noise, so using them in audio circuits, even for the voltage filtering on 12V rail - these SEP 330uF 16V violet ones - is not exactly a good idea noise-wise ... let's hope they are compensated that by serious number of ceramic blocking caps)

I never ran into any issues with the sound card, I just wasn't using it to the full potential that it could have achieved.

Reasons for selling in case anyone is wondering:

Motherboard:  I had to change to an X79 Deluxe, due to the fact that over clocking was going to be an issue with the new build I'm going to do, which uses the HyperX Beast @2400MHz.

Soundcard: Don't have a need for it.


Board: $200

Soundcard: $150

Need this stuff gone!!!!

has the sound card been sold yet? I been looking for one of these for a while.