4K Native… No joke

So yesterday my 4k screen showed up. I decided lets play New Vegas cuz I thought I would have to mod the game and BAM!!! built in 4K resolution 😄

I'll take some screen shots tonight 🙂

Congratulations to make such extreme resolution work 🙂 I settle for 1024x768 right now 🙂 (backup 17" CRT monitor on some spare PC, as my main PC is "working" on the HDD resize: http://forums.realhardwarereviews.com/rants-an-raves/when-computer-is-slow/  ??? )

I just picked up New Vegas with all the expansions over the weekend. Time to sink another few hundred hours into it again lol.

I lived on that game for about 4 years haha then I moved on to MWO haha