Advice for a Gaming PC

Hello! My good friend Arinoth is helping me out with a custom gaming desktop. He suggested I come here for further feedback. Sadly I'm nowhere near as tech savvy as the rest of you. Hopefully this sounds really straightforward. What I'm looking for is a compact case (as in a smaller tower), something fairly powerful at running most modern games (not a beast) that can be easily upgraded over time, with a 2TB hard drive, and a budget of $2000 give or take. So far I've got an order in for a Intel Core i7 4770K Unlocked Quad Core 3.5GHZ Processor LGA1150 Haswell 8MB Cache. Now it's a matter of where to go from there. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Originally he was thinking about going a gaming laptop, but convinced him that mTX or mATX motherboard/cases are quite small and don't take up nearly as much space as a regular ATX case does. Also he recently got a fairly large tv screen so display is solved right there.

Also, this should help future proof longer then a gaming laptop and get him more performance for the price tag too.

I believe his budget also includes the CPU, which should be clocking in around 160-170$, so it's really about 1800$ left for him.

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For that build I personally would go for something like this:

CM Elite 130:

SSD (crucial m550 256GB):

HDD (SSHD…to make games load 'fast'):

(either are great kit)

aio cooler:

video card (option 1 moderate performance):

video card (option 2 excellent performance):

video card (option 3 very good performance):



with the should come out to about 1900 plus shipping and taxes.  You can drop down and save 5'ish bills by going the 770 route instead.  Will provide good performance at 1080P...option 3 is a blend of both.  780 OC offers great performance (nearly as good as Ti)...but is 3'ish bills cheaper than a Ti.

Only potential issue is the PSU.  160mm is the longest I would go with for a Elite 130.  150mm is better.  TBH...that is the only issue (besides one video card only) with nearly any mITX case...the psu is a PITA to install and cabling is a royal nuisance - thus the AIO for the cpu.


Only thing about the 780 or 780 Ti are wouldn't they be overkill for someone at 1080p, which is what I believe his max resolution on his TV is?

Oh most certainly.  The question though is…will they be overkill in 3 or 4 years.  To be honest. A little MSI 760 Gaming itx model would be more than enough for most games at 1080 and the eye candy turned down.

Oh and if he wants to go the 'tower' instead of truly compact case route...a Corsair Obsidian 250 or (better still) 350D would make for a MUCH easier build.  BUT also a much BIGGER build.




Solid choices recommended so far. If he only plans to game at 1080p I would opt for a GTX770 or r9 290 with that budget…in reality a gtx 760 or r9 280/280x would all be fine at 1080p.

Good evening! GaK_45 thank you for listing and linking all of the components required plus extra options. This has proven to be extremely informative.

To answer what type of screen I'll be using it is a Samsung 32" LED @ 1920x1080/60P. I got my eye on the GTX 780 OC. Seems like a nice balance. It will also help me stay within my budget. As for the motherboard I don't know what significant difference there is between the 2 other than a small price variation. Whichever one works best is fine by me.

I still wish to go with the compact route case route as I travel around often. How much of an issue with the power supply be for this build? Will there be no flexibility in the case (room for parts) or overheating issues?

Again this is great info. Thanks!

I have built a few systems with its a great travel itx case and I know a 780 fits in it as we just built one with one 🙂

Good afternoon! It's been over 2 months since I've been on. My apologies for not keeping everyone up to date. I've been talking to Arinoth off forum here and there on the subject. I also discussed this with a fellow course mate who also has a knack for this. The issue he brought up to me was the size of the motherboard in comparison to the graphics card. Now if you are absolutely sure about the case Soullessone21 then I'll keep going down the compact route otherwise it would have to be a standard case. An interesting solution my friend presented to me was a motherboard with the video card built in. Then all you would have to do is mount the power supply on top. My issue with that is longevity. It's a neat idea but not one I'm going to follow.

Honestly its a great case though a little expensive if your going to go with that case a 780 ti with stock cooler fits without a issue(jason another forum member has that exact build)

Going for onboard graphics used to be always a hell no,  but if you get something like the following you will power through games and have room to throw a gpu in later:)
and a good set of ddr3 2400 or 1866 up ram and you have a great gaming rig for a little price and can throw a full gpu in if it does not cut it out of box or later on.
I have fun the following ram set with that same board and gpu and it was awesome 🙂

There are lots of options, I'll see if we can get Jason on tomorrow to post some pix of his rig in that tiny case 🙂

I'm fine with taking a hit for the case. I do appreciate you showing me the parts for the alternate. Nonetheless I am committed to sticking with the original plan, plus I already have the Intel Core i7 processor so I suppose I am committed. Thanks for consulting another member about the case size. It really helps to take a look at these things just to see.

Just to give you some knowledge of how big some of these mATX cases really are.

I have this case:

With a GTX 770 inside (example picture to follow)


Just to give you some knowledge of how big some of these mATX cases really are.

I have this case:

With a GTX 770 inside (example picture to follow)

…. Arinoth those photos are amd cards?

There is lots of great matx options.

That is stock picture from Corsair's website.

Looks spacious enough. Thanks!