ATI Mach 32

I was over at Value Village tonight and what do I see but this old beauty being sold for 4.99$

Amazing stuff! But… where to put this? It looks like it use a ISA AND VLBus port, unless I'm mistaken. No hardware to put this one on...  ;D

But they are kind to include some SIMMs - from the other side, there are anged sockets for them?

Well it was made in 1992, we didn't have any other slot at the time for expansion cards (or graphics cards). Just funny some of the stuff I find/see at my local Value Village, especially the price they ask for old ass hardware that literally no one can use.

Well, it is like a new and maybe someone buy it? Why not try to make some bucks out of it? ;D

That is the whole point of sale - but indeed a five bucks for really useless piece of crap is at least questionable. I mean, for five bucks my friend get me a LGA 775 P4 650 (3.4GHz, 2MB L2), witch is very fast (compared to the rest of my HW) and nice CPU 🙂 That is five bucks well spendt on eBay and my mobo did not support any better LGA 775 processors (sadly) - only one possible upgrade is to the 3.6 and 3.8GHz models (P4 670 - 3.8GHz, 2MB L2). But this?

Such CPU could move my Winblows 2000 SP4 a bit faster, but such card? Probably can't be used even for HWbot verz low frames 3DMarks run's, as even the integrated i810E in my Dell OptiPlex110 refuse to run 3DMark 2001 SE at all.
At best it show ONE frame and that it is. Freeze forever from this point on.

On ATI Mach32 it will be probably even worser, lol. Something like PCI Radeon 7000 - 9000 will be quite beneficial for this Dell 🙂 That might be worth some bucks just for the fun with it ;D