Request help analyzing currency values

May I ask how you guys look at the values of the various currencies and how they relate to the price of BTC? I have a number of LTC and I am concerned that its value in relation to BTC is dropping. How can I confirm this? Where do I go to look at relevant data? Should I be converting all of my LTC to BTC?

Please help. Thank you

What sites do you use to tell your value and do your trades? I use sites like and they have awesome built in values and trading.

I have been hording all my coins waiting for a market price increase again hope in time to see a increase again.

Cryptsy though is great for instant value trades of ltc to btc.

I do all my trading and converting to CAD at VirtEX. They do not show me graphs showing BTC/LTC values. I guess that is actually what I am after…

Believe you need somewhere like here

Or used give me coins I think they are called they have charts if you sign up 🙂

But I know Cryptsy has charts and trading values I trade about $100 in coins back and forth each day or 2.