**Closed**Realhardwarereviews.com Ecko Chain Mini Giveaway

Giveaway goes live Sunday at 5pm Mountain time Stay tuned

To get 2 more chances to win over the single one from Facebook comment here about what your favorite hardware or peripherals brand is and why.

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The giveaway is live now,

My Favorite brand has to be, For RMA support EVGA(top notch just top notch) fast problem free and with little to no issues yet

For Cool gear it goes to AMD of all brands, APU's of all prices and specs and some cool all in one GPU's, build for a brand that has a bit of everything… except a powerhouse gaming cpu.

fav hardware brand? thats tough…. Ive always been an ASUS fan, but just jumped ship and ordered an MSI z97 gaming 5... maybe that will be a new fav.

so.. right now.. ASUS... maybe soon MSI 🙂
Peripherals... no favorite. loved the MS Sidewinder X5 i had but the wheel deteriorated to quick.

Peripherals…I will give that to Logitech. They always have something to fit the bill and I have never had any issue with any of it. Even my old logitech speakers have held up well to my usage. Grabbed them before 5.1 for computers caught on...a 4.1 set that puts out some serious volume and decent sound quality (Z560 I think?).

mmm dat was closed , well i love PNY on video cards or EVGA for the warranty but in performance we have many brands i have 1 gtx 770 pny 2gb triple fan I love the design and performance along with the sound bit xD

Less than a day left to enter 🙂

Come on people the more the better the next giveaway will be.

My favourite peripheral brand is corsair. They have nice,slick designs and great and solid build quality.