World of Warships is looking for Closed Alpha Testers

Hey Everyone,

Figured if there were some Wargaming fans out there that this might interest them if they meet the criteria,

I am signed up, just waiting to see if I actually get in or not.


Even I did not have any computer to play WoT yet, I would like to take a peek and:

"You do not have permission to view this topic."

I quess that this is for North America only. Right, for EU it is there:

"If you meet the criteria below, feel free to post your interest in this topic. We will be looking at (in decreasing order of importance):

• World of Warships forum activity (at least 150 good posts, no spamming)
• WoT and WoWp alpha test veterans
• experience in alpha testing other games
• being a professional tester, or an IT specialist
• proactivity and decency"

So no way to join, because 150 posts on WoW is simply nonexistant for me  ;D