Quad GPU Dogecoiner

This is a little project I built tonight, setting it all up and testing it then selling it but it was a lot of fun to make 🙂

Dual core AMD
Asus Am2+ DDR3 based motherboard
4GB DDR3 1333
250GB WD 7200 RPM drive
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with Key
Antec 1000 watt PSU
2x 5970 Dual GPU cards
Custom Tech Bench

Only thing missing is the custom fan frame that goes across the board and cools the GPU's

Now some Pix.

Quad GPU miner with "just" two cards, lol. Most people thought that these Radeon HD 5970 cards are overkill (almost 300W each card), but you have to use two! LOL

Interesting open-frame design of the build, witch give it also quite small space requirments. Proably incpired with similar mining racks, lol. Dogecoins are most profitable ATM, or these HD 5970 cards mine best Dogecoins?
And what it the net output per day worth from this machine?

I wonder if it is still good to mine BTC with GPU since ASIC miners is much more efficient ?

However, for a [email protected] setup, swap with Nvidia cards and you have a nice rig.