Show off your Gaming Rig!!!! (Pictures!)


Figured I'd start a thread to show off the latest edition to my Computer Stable.
Its an Old Case, but the build inside is solid. I still need to work on cable management a bit, but beyond that I am very happy with what I created.


Intel DZ87KLT-75K
Intel i7 4770K
Corsair Vengence 2x4GB (Soon to be 16, ran out of funds so I cut my Ram allotment in half)
Silverstone V1.1 Strider Plus 750W PSU (I love many PSU's but the Strider has stood the test of time in my wifes rig, so I am entrusting my new one to them as well)
G.Skill Dual Fan RAM Cooler
Corsair H60 AIO CPU Cooler (couldn't wedge the H80i in there, so It will have to suffice)
Angelbird 640GB SSD
WD Black 640GB HDD
EVGA 660 FTW ACX Cards in SLI


Nice build

Mine is a wip

I7 4770k soon to be under water
16gb ddr3 2133 pny ram
240 gb pny Optimus
240 gb corsair neutron gtx
Gigabyte sniper z87 mobo
Pny gtx 770 OC 4gb
Triple 22" 1080p matte screens.
At the time of first build a corsair ax1200 then a ax850 soon to be a bitfenix 750 as the 1200 and 850 moved to tech benches.


Upgraded gpu and fans this weekend full watercooling.

NEW 780 ti is amazing just amazing.

Whoa, 780ti from PNY, watercooled CPU - looks as kinda powerfull machine, nice photos, thx for sharing.

The cooler on the PNY 780ti looks like the GTX 660 FTW from eVGA. It is as quiet also? From the howling bowler, the FTW cooler is like night and day for me…  😉

As for the PSU intake on top, well, I do it differently. Place the intake on the bottom and raise the box by like 5cm (2 inches) - that give the PSU fresh, cold air intake and it also does not consume air in the case for the GPU, much less can heat up the case, since the cold air get in and there is no way it get out into the case... so completely like "off case" PSU cooling I get this way.
Output air it cold, even on load, witch is almost weird and I don't know what to make from it, but whatever. As temporaly solution it work, but the cooling is this way IMHO better:
See the screw under the Enermax 620W Liberty? Yep, 4 screws like that and bingo - case got as much as cold air, as you can get in your room from the bottom of the floor 🙂

It might not work as great, if you have underfloor heating, true 🙂

I would post mine but my cable management skills suck and it partially looks like a mess in there

Nice pics. I will try and remember to post mine after my PSU swap. Mine isn't pretty though due to my antec three hundred's poor cable management and old school unpainted internals. Works great for low temps on a budget though (especially when I purchased it 5 years ago).

Nice nice! Mine is too dusty to be showed here haha!

Planning an revamp this fall!

I have a couple setup right now. Took a few pictures today, they all needed cleaning.

Fractal Node 304
Intel i7 3770k
Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe
8 GB G.Skill 2133MHz
512GB Crucial M4
2x 3TB Seagate HDs
750w Corsair TX750

Pretty good computer. I built it almost 2 years ago to take it back and forth to camp but since its over now I made it my main system in the living room. This computer fit in my carry on bag, pretty awesome. Its had a couple upgrades over time. Cant remember what water cooler it has but its kinda noisy think I'll be changing it soon with something else. So many damn wires in it but seems fine.

This was my main computer until I replaced it with the Node 304. I just tossed in a GTX 580 for now. This will most likely get a full rebuild this winter as I'm thinking about getting two GTX 970s

Cooler Master CM 690
Intel i5-2500k
Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
16 GB Corsair 1600MHz
GTX 580 3 GB
2x OCZ Vertex 3s raid-0
2TB Seagate

I have more older gaming systems but they are buried in a closet right now. One of them is a 4-way GTX 480 system, what a beast.

Damn tray nice rigs.

4x480. … why turn on heat this winter when you have the nvidia house heaters in sli 🙂

Love the node

Thanks for sharing

Yeah that 4 way system pulled 11 amps from the wall at full load and did blow a breaker if I put another computer on the same circuit. I'm rebuilding my computer room this year so many circuits will be added this time!

Hi guys!
Look at my 4 years old PC 😃

Intel i5 3770K
RAM Kingston 8,00GB
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (Gigabyte)
Chieftec 750W

My nickname in the game: fastflow

My Cam sucks ik 😕

Anyway this is my Pc:

Intel i5 4670K
Gigabyte H87M-D3H
Zotac GTX760 4 Gb. DDR5 ZT-70406-10P
RAM Kingston 8,00GB
GSKILL RIPJAWS 8GB 2X4 DDR3 1600 C9 ( F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL )
Medium Tower Zalman Z9 Plus
Sentey 650w Sdp-650

Mini March Giveaway
Nickname ingame: SNAX Darkover
Unique ID: 3057

I stalled out at 95%, but it is not going anywhere so I may as well post some pics.
The radiator is on a hinge for easy access to the insides. Got it used and  still has whatever fans were on it at the time, but they work.

Maximus VI Hero
Naked 4770K
16GB DDR3-2400
2x Radeon HD 7950
Aavermedia HD capture card
Corsair AX760i
Intel 520 120GB
2x 2TB WDCB fakeraid0
1x 4TB Seagate (5900RPM? IDK) MOOO thing.
all in an InWin Q500. Used a few 24" SATA cables for this sucker.

And the back, yikes.

ok, my turn 🙂

Specs: 4770K
MPower Z97
32GB Patriot
1TB Micron SSD
GTX 680 4GB Edition
Some watercooling / custom paint, RGB LEDs and sleeving

Great Rig posts guys keep them up 🙂

Finally got my decent camera out…now if only I took a minute to fix the lighting. Here's my rig as it currently stands:

EDIT: Here is another with slightly better lighting.


Here's my rig as it currently stands:

Looks great, I have the feeling it's about to look alot better? Haha


Looks great, I have the feeling it's about to look alot better? Haha

I sure think so. Not that I am complaining, but I think an all black GPU might go a bit better then the red stripes…will update once the change is made.

New house but I kept pretty much the same setup. Managed to hide my Yeti behind my monitors by inverting it and flipping it. Need some more cable ties before I would call it 100% complete.


New house but I kept pretty much the same setup. Managed to hide my Yeti behind my monitors by inverting it and flipping it. Need some more cable ties before I would call it 100% complete.

Damn that's way better then before gj