**Help Zoey Fund**

A frequent customer of mine and all round awesome guy Aaron is going through something no parent should ever have to suffer through. His daughter is very sick and we at Real Hardware Reviews want to help the guy out.

To following is a statement he has made on his FS thread on another website the link is to follow as well

"Early last year, my now soon to be 7 year old daughter Zoey fractured her arm when she had fell one day. During the x-ray scan they had discovered what appeared to be a abnormal growth or cyst in the interior of the bone. We have been back and forth to the Halifax children s hospital every 4 months to keep watch on the "growth" to make sure it is not damaging the bone or getting any larger. Fast forward to today, and we have been back and forth to the hospital four times in as many weeks. The growth has grown aggressively in the last 3 months and now the doctor has reason to believe the growth may be cancerous. 
We had a biopsy done 2 days ago and are now waiting for the results. Either way it appears they are going to have to remove the bone in her arm to ensure it doesn't spread or cause any more harm, whether it is cancerous or not.She is currently on a toned down liquid form of morphine to help with the pain, as they basically had to remove part of the bone to get inside. She is now off the morphine pain killer and on tylenol for pain now whenever needed thank goodness.
The hospital is over 150 km's away so it is becoming costly to travel and take unpaid days off work for both my wife and I. I would like to sell all my items to cover the travel and other costs due to time off work, as my daughter is far more important to me then anything else in this world. I also need to get her a ipad or tablet of some sort as I had promised her one for being so brave for being operated on."

If you are able to help him out with a donation please PM me or reply to this thread on how you would like to help, Any Crypto Currencies will be converted and any fees I will pay out of pocket.
All the deposit keys are in my Signature as well as I will add a full list on here.

If you have an alt coin not listed I will add it as anything helps in his time of need.

Even though this is a competing site a human life and a families happiness wins over and competition or issues between our site and any other.

If you want to help him out by buying something from him his forsale thread is at http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/buy-sell-trade/10984-sale-zoey.html

Thank you and we know it means to world to him that people want to help him out

To put a face to the name meet Zoey 🙂

Anonymous donation of $50 made into the Help Zoey and HiTi's family fund:)

If you wish to donate to him/her anonymously you can just email me and we will pool the money.

If you do not see your donated amount show up as a Reply to this thread, message me right away as this is 100% transparent, we are just here to help.

Also as I said before all the Crypto keys are to follow

Bitcoin 1HU4GDSpZ5BuDAkqkEd1QwkRuxf5Qcx2WE
Litecoin LWhKcbBAMCiH4XLhBCiALtZC3c7bBeUda9
Peercoin PNZqoBzjGUMzyVxdZ89TbQjUGWeN3uGkMw
Dogecoin DALaCZNb4a16W7jeQo52sgac5TL3Mk9nEJ
Feathercoin 6oRHZdJKUHSMFDHqYgG5RDBbcbQTbP3W9N
Primecoin AS7AjgVBbNt7TBDKpB83iciqizyDFncS3P
Quarkcoin QeKJxqYxzHLfyRs3WkgktWxAN7LUKhGZF3
Vertcoin VoRDUGpSw5czWjGTSDvPjn114h3Ph6FprR
Auroracoin AVk67z5dUjppxm4tjcsof2cyX7joaBaJ4R
CryptogenicBullion 5fK65qaSVJW8QbhWBEqjPZjZBUgyQLw5v8
Digitalcoin D8yXUc6SU7s8e8qhtEKZTkNnpWGXvBLEJ9
Mintcoin Mt74Nusnydry9uUbBDDfEf7ixQCKNVtZuv
Darkcoin XexgFCL3JTuPcK5T2KH5fFuYfGk6Po1W81
Worldcoin WTdv5oshYkWJLwTcG5dXXMGv135U3wnv6f
Blackcoin BLJrNJ2rmPdJ1QEweKwC9nh1wojLSwMqe1
Zetacoin ZKyY12JScSHK63bdNmGQf3VGQpss7Uutzz
Fluttercoin FARDNAizM88wELHndwGqQYqgGhgCDLdf2t
NovaCoin 4Zw84BKigfkHpn5NoQCpk9FvpiSUJz7dbW
Einsteinium EQhFLKDobxQtSpbR6bu1qjifKjVqstR9i6
Billioncoin BVVXMKWMN6kgTQpggb9VD5ByScwrR2E99j
Noblecoin 9ayJbC8qgkwRrstxfAn867r2fwSdRTWib4

$150 donated by 10e 😄 WOW
$40 Donated by Nodscene  again Wow
Tablet AkG HOLY @#$% you are the man 😄

thanks guys, Aaron is super grateful

$250 total thus far this is awesome people 😄

well $250 plus a tablet

and you might be wanting to know how 50 plus 40 plus 150 equals 250 well cuz I rounded up and threw a little more of my own cash his way 😄

She is so cute! I couldn't imagine going through this with any of my kids, so my heart goes out to HiTi. Met him in '07 at the Edmonton International Airlport to sell him a heatsink while he was making a connection. He was such a nice guy I never forgot. Funny thing is neither did he! I just bought a what was assumed dead pump/top and res combo from him and he remembered me too!

Anyways, thanks for putting this together guys!

And another $50 thats $300 in one day 😄

you guys are so awesome.

Keep it up everyone this family deserves a break.

turtle no need to thank us we really just are here to help people out, community over anything else 🙂

b1lk1 donates 59.33 a odd number but a awesome number

thank you

Clshades donated $100 great job know Aaron really appreciates it