I would Call out Soultribunal but…

Hey SoulTribunal was going to call you out but guess I already showed you how its done in MWO last night 😛

Great to see you in the game and hope you join our lance more often 🙂

PS the match where ST got taken out by more LRM's than any mech should ever have to die to will be posted online tonight 🙂

That was my own fault for falling down the cliff edge on a Mech that didn't have Jump Jets. Canyon is the worst for that, once you fall, if you don't have a quick escape its instant Death Time via LRM.
Its crazy how the LRM is the Meta of MWO, but you manage and deal with it. I might have to add a Catapult to my list of Mech's I am going to buy. But something about AC equipped mechs always steals my heart.
I have a Jadger with twin LBX10's, It hurts when that mech shoots you 🙂