Wall of dead Motherboards and other gear:D

Across many forums and lots friends the motherboard collection began.

Now its a full blown space consumer so I said today is the day. The great wall of crap shall be raised and dead hardware will become a wallpaper of the gods.. Computer/Nerd Gods.

I started on the table

and some more

And even more

Then up to the wall it goes

Then as it stays till I get some shorter screws

Much more shortly 😄

Hahaha, i can relate. Ive been collecting dead mobos from old pcs,VCRs and such to make an awesome glass-top table piece. I havnt started building it yet but the it's in the works.

I can imagine the wall in it's completion and im sure it will look awesome

Whoa, there are even some server boards, lol. I wonder, how your wife is looking at this decoration - I would have quess that she is pretty happy to put all that stuff somewhere out of the living rooms, lol 🙂
But nice computer basement you are building for yourself 😉

I would contribute mine boards, but I think I can resuscitate them one day, so… they can be make working again. Similary most of the mainboards I see are not physically damaged and probably I could (provided I have the need caps to replace known bad caps) can work again, lol. Some even have a CPU's, lol.

Fantastic. Now where are the other users from near you to contribute?

Definitely need more blue on that wall. Oh wait… I have that in the back of my car.

Need any older boards? 😛 I have some old slot 1 boards, and some old amd board.

Always need more boards got about 30 more but need more then that still haha

Haha alrighty, I'll send off what I have next week.

We should have a wall of injuries too…supa still got all those injury pictures around?

Haha nope don't think so, was using my BB back then to take pictures, so no cloud storage 😛

Bend down to IT king, suxxkas!  ;D


…you got PM, Soul, but mainboards from Switzerland will be probably a bit overpriced thanks to the postage, but... maybe it can help?

If only I hadn't thrown out the two old 939 boards I had before I moved.

Now you have somewhere to store Ram while you're waiting to sell it lol

You should win the lottery and watercool that entire beast of a wall haha

Some of the mainbaords actually have rams and CPU's in them, hehe. At the top-right I think I identified a DFI mainboard, perhaps socket 478  for the old P4 clunkers? And next to it to the left are another P4 socket 478…

However there are pretty deal of server mainboards, so...  it lookins kinda cool for a PC hobbyst basement. Most of the mainboards I think could be bring back to life, but I would agree that there is mostly a little purpose...

LPfan4ever -

If only I hadn't thrown out the two old 939 boards I had before I moved.

Uhm, I actually RUN on socket 939 😉 Opteron 148, 255x11 and 233MHz DDR (1) rams at 2.5-3-3-7  🙂

So next time you throw out something like that, pls think of me 😉 This is actually a friend mainboard, just my PSU, GFX and rams… for WOT  ;D

… the wall has kinda grown hahaha

and then

Neat! You are trying to beat the "IT king car", don't you? 🙂 All in all it give a very interesting background for videos… I never thought it could look so well 🙂 Congratulations.
(only the two same mainboards just close to each other... hmmm, maybe not - if you insert a different one close to each other, then it might looks better)

Also I see that there is a little progress on your big box  😉

Another shot of the wall with a clean office haha

It is getting "computer geek cozy" down there  😉  😄 Nice!

Interesting testing rig too  🙂